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Australian Postgraduate Award

Students who have an exceptional research capability and those who are ready to undertake a higher degree in research are eligible for this Australian Postgraduate Awards provided by Australia. Scholarships are provided to the applicants to assist them with general living costs. Around 3500 new Australian Postgraduate Awards were available from the government in the year 2013. The university offers the award twice in a year. The application opens in 2 rounds. One round opens in late august and second round opens up in next may.


Applicant is considered eligible if he is studying a PhD, masters by research or a professional doctorate. He has to be a citizen of Australia or New Zealand. Sometimes an international student is also awarded with an international postgraduate research scholarships. Applicant is nominated by the enrolling institute. He will be assessed by a graduate school for all his admission conditions to be met completely. Applicant must have an academic qualification which is equivalent to or higher than the research degree program he is undertaking. He should not be previously have held a commonwealth funded research higher degree scholarship.

Selection Process

All the eligible students will be ranked and selected as per their measured economic and personal hardships. Successful applicants have to sign an acceptance form acknowledging the conditions of the offer and they have to provide their bank details also. On the other hand an unsuccessful applicant has the right to request a review of the decision within the 14 days of the date of their notification letter.


There are no such categories defined in this program. Nor there is any category defined for applicants also.


A full time Australian Postgraduate Award recipient gets a stipend of around $25000 (it was $24653 in 2013) and a part time student gets around $12000 (it was $12326 in 2013). It involves all the allowances and is tax exempted also. For the master’s student, the stipend is provided for two years and it’s for three years for a PhD student with an extension of six months.

Award Conditions

  • Students can only be nominated twice for the award. 
  • The second nomination must be done by a student within 12 months of the first nomination.
  • The student must do his nomination before his program commences or immediately after the first round commences.
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