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Requirements to Take the Australian Citizenship Test

Out of all the countries, Australia is on the top of the list for emigration due to the vast opportunities as well as high quality of life and excellent infrastructure to support new citizens. One of the qualifying factors towards becoming an Australian citizen is the Australian Citizenship Test. There are certain requirements to take the test and here, we shall discuss those requirements at length.

Basic Requirements

The basic requirements with regards to applying for the Australian Citizenship are:

  • Find out about your eligibility
  • Gather your original documents
  • Get the required documents certified where necessary
  • Fill your application form and submit it

Other Requirements

You need to fulfill certain other requirements such as:

Identity Documents

Valid identity proof should be provided in the form of:

  • Three original documents that when combined show the candidate’s name, date of birth, gender, photograph, signature, and current residential address
  • Change of name proof if required
  • Identity declaration which should be endorsed and attested by someone with appropriate authority who falls into any of the designated list of occupations and professions given on the official website of the government of Australia.
  • If permanent residency is being pursued, then some additional documents need to be submitted such as evidence when the applicant first arrived in Australia and details of children, if any.

Good Character

Under this category, it is generally required to submit a National Police Checking Service (NPCS) Application\Consent Form. Penal Clearance certificates or overseas police checks are required for candidates who are age 18 and above. These documents will pertain to countries visited by the candidate.

Supporting Documents

The purpose of supporting documents may vary but they are vital for completing the requirements for writing the Australian Citizenship Test:

  • Claiming exemption with respect to the residence requirement
  • Documentary proof to support the fact that a parent of the candidate was\is Australian
  • Providing change of name proof

Dual Citizenship

This is where a person holds the citizenship of two or more countries, sometimes called multiple citizenship. Dual Citizenship is permitted in Australia. However, it is important to investigate the laws of the country of origin, to ensure that no laws are being broken with respect to that country as all countries do not allow dual citizenship.

Dual citizenship can happen automatically, or it can be conferred by another country through an application.

One can find out if it is allowed by contacting the Australian embassy or consulate in the country of origin.

Other Requirements

There are several other requirements but these are out of the scope of what we have discussed here as they are specific to a given set of circumstances. However, generally speaking, much preference is given to a British subject or a native of New Guinea on marrying an Australian under defined conditions. More information on specific circumstances is available on the official Australian government website, http://www.citizenship.gov.au/.

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