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History of Australian Citizenship Test

Australian citizenship dawned in 1948 through the Nationality and Citizenship Act and it took effect the next year. Prior to 1949, Australians had a status as British nationals. The intention then was to gradually increase the dense population of Australia through natural means and through migration. The target at that time was to increase at least 1% on both methods.

Since 1945, after the post-war mass migration program was launched, there were around 6.5 million of people that chose Australia as their migrating country. After the Australian Citizenship took effect in 1949, over 4 million of the immigrants took the privilege to be a full-fledged Australian citizen through acquisition of Australian citizenship.

Forward to the most recent times, The Australian Citizenship Act 2007 re-established what the act had founded in 1948 and restructured it in such a way that will benefit both the country and the countrymen. It revised it by augmenting measures that will provide security for the nation. It was in this year when the residency requirement of four years was amended, as well as the permanent residency of 12 months before applying for Australian citizenship.

The Australian Citizenship Act 2007 also paved the way not just for new sets of requirements for citizenship; it also introduced new sets of questions used in the Citizenship Testing. 20 relevant questions relating to Australia's culture, history, and values comprise the 20 multiple choice questions. Additionally, it is in this test where the applicants are assessed on their knowledge of the English language which is a must when applying for Australian citizenship.

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