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Do I Need to Sit For Australian Citizenship Test?

If you are planning to apply for Australian citizenship, you need to sit the test to prove that you have the knowledge of the English language, basic information about Australia, and you are fully aware of the responsibilities and privileges of being an Australian citizen, and also to demonstrate that you completely comprehend the nature of the citizenship you are applying for. The exam has a qualifying stage so make sure that you are eligible to sit for the exam.

Apart from the readiness, preparedness, and the commitment to be a citizen of Australia, make sure that you have been a permanent resident of Australia, you have lodged an application for citizenship, that you have established and proven your identity upon your registration for your citizenship exam, and that you have provided the required photo or you have allowed yourself to be photographed for the purpose of the Australian citizenship application. Once you have established yourself as eligible to take the exam, then gather all your documents, copy and certify them, and proceed to the application and pursue your exam for Australian citizenship.

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