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A Child Born Overseas to an Australian Citizen

You are considered an Australian citizen under two conditions: if you are born in Australia before August 20, 1986 (unless one parent was a consular officer or had diplomatic privileges of another country); and if you are born after August 20, 1986 with parents or at least one parent who is a citizen of Australia or obtained a permanent residency in Australia at the time of your birth.

However, if your parents are Australian citizen but you were born outside Australia after January 26, 1949, you need to apply for Australian citizenship. When you apply, your application for Australian citizenship is by descent. If your Australian citizen parent was able to obtain Australian citizenship also by descent, he or she must have been residing in Australia for at least two years at some time in their life.

If you are a person born overseas to an Australian citizen parent and decides to apply for Australian citizenship, the said condition must be followed. After this has been fulfilled, you may proceed to the application of the citizenship. You apply for citizenship using Form 118 Application for Australian citizenship by descent. The same steps apply: determine if you are eligible, gather original documents, copy and certify your documents, and lodge your application in the nearest departmental office in your city.

The Documents Needed in your Application are as Follows:

  • Proof of identity- at least 3 proofs of identity that shows your photo, name, birth date, gender, signature, current residence, documents of good character, and other supporting documents.
  • Good character documents- National Police Checking Service (NPCS) Application/Consent Form that assessed your good character, and if you are 18 years old or over, a penal clearance certificate of the countries you have visited is required.
  • Supporting documents: There are cases in which your application requires supporting documents such as adoption papers, descent application form, change of name, passport, etc.
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