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Australia Support Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship refers to a person who has two citizenships both at the same time. Being a citizen of two separate countries means you are to oblige, follow, and be responsible for both the countries you are citizen of. Similarly, you enjoy separate benefits, privileges, and rights of both countries. Dual citizenship is recognized as long as both countries have laws that allow for it.

In Australia, you can apply for dual citizenship if you need to be a citizen of two countries. Australia permits dual citizenship unlike other countries where you lose your citizenship when you apply for another citizenship. In that case, you need to check the embassy of the country you are applying for before you proceed in applying for dual citizenship. Similarly, if you are a non-citizen of Australia and intend to apply for Australian citizenship, the same steps for applying for Australian citizenship are to be followed.

There are varied reasons why you need or may need dual or multiple citizenships. Travellers and businessmen find it easy to enter and exit countries if they have dual or multiple citizenships. It can also be due to the many opportunities you can avail from the different countries where you are a citizen of. A wide range of jobs, businesses, properties and other opportunities can be acquired without too much complexity if you are a citizen of the countries you find these opportunities from.

Others have financial, security, and personal reasons for applying for dual citizenship. There is a case where a person can automatically have dual citizenship without applying for it. Meaning, you can have dual citizenship not by choice, but by law. For example, in other countries, you obtain citizenship automatically through marriage or through birth.

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