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Scholarships in Australia

Australia offers various scholarships to students not only for Australians but also for International students. Scholarships in Australia for international students help them financially to study in the country. These scholarships are offered by various educational institutions, colleges, universities as well as Australian Government.

Most of the scholarships in Australia are available to international students of all countries, while some of scholarships are given to students of particular country. Conditions, selection procedure will be set by the organizations or institutions that will be offering scholarships. Even the application forms for the scholarships will be provided by these institutions only.

Scholarships in Australia are offered for both undergraduate as well as post-graduate levels in all the fields of study. Australian scholarships are available to international students even in the vocational education as well as in the training institutions. It aims to provide scholarships for students is that they help in developing mutual understanding of study, research, development in professional way, experiences in international education and at the same time to cultivate in specialized research study.

Eligibility Criteria for scholarships:

It is necessary to have an ILETS score of 6.5 for international students to eligible for scholarships in Australia. It is required to have honour class of one or equal to it. Also grade point average should be outstanding.

How to apply for scholarships:

Before applying scholarships there is a need to check start and end dates for the country you are eligible, also we have to read specific information such as eligibility, areas of priority along with instructions to apply. Scholarships can be applied through online this will be an easy process without any efforts. It is important for some scholarships and for particular countries they require only hard-copy applications.

Following are list of Australian Government Scholarships and Fellowship Awards:

·         Australia Awards Scholarships

·         Australia Awards Fellowships

·         Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships

·         Endeavour Research Fellowships

·         Endeavour Postgraduate Awards

·         Endeavour Executive Awards

·         Endeavour Vocational Education and Training Awards

·         Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowships

·         Endeavour Research Fellowships for Indigenous Australians

·         Anne Wexler Scholarships

·         International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Scholarships offered in Australian Universities are as follows:

·         Sydney Achievers International Scholarships

·         Macquarie University International Scholarships

·         Melbourne International Research Scholarships

·         University of Adelaide Scholarships for International Students

·         La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students

·         University of Newcastle Postgraduate Research Scholarships

·         University of Western Australia Research Scholarships

·         Monash University International Student Scholarships

·         Flinders International Postgraduate Scholarships

·         ARSA Travel Scholarships for Commonwealth Citizens

Following are the scholarships offered to Australian Citizens or permanent residents of Australia or else New Zealand students who are researching in higher studies:

·         Australian Postgraduate Award

·         Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry)

·         Commonwealth Scholarships Program

While following are the scholarships offered to Non-Australian Citizens or New Zealand Citizens or permanent residents of Australia:

·         Endeavour Awards

·         Australian Leadership Awards

·         Australian Development Scholarships

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