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Barry Humphries

Barry Humphries


John Barry Humphries, also known as Barry Humphries was born on 17th February 1934 in Kew, Melbourne to parents Louisa and Eric Humphries. Since his early childhood, Barry drew pleasure in making people laugh. It was then when he decided that he wanted to pursue his skill as a pleasure. Barry Humphries is well known as a comedian, satirist, artist and a well-known author. He is well-known for his character named Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson. Besides this, he is also a film producer and script writer.


Barry Humphries has received awards like Douglas Wilkie Medal, Comedy Performance of the Year, TV Personality of the Year, J.R.Ackerley Prize for Autobiography, Honorary Doctorate at Griffith University, Lifetime Achievement Award for British Comedy Awards, Special Achievement Award by the Outer Critics Circle for The Royal Tour and many more.


Barry Humphries first married Brenda Wright in the year 1955. Some problem encroached this marriage which resulted in divorce in the year 1957. He later married Rosaling Tong in 1959. After 11 years of blissful marriage, they got divorced in 1970. He remained single for nine years until he found Diane Millstead and married her in the year 1979. After a decade of their wed-lock, they separated in 1989. Within a year of his third divorce, he married Lizzie Spender in 1990 and since then, the couple is leading a happy life.


Barry Humphries has done his schooling from Camberwell Grammar School and later to Melbourne Grammar School. He matriculated with a good score in English and Arts. He has a double degree in Laws and Arts.


From his first marriage, Barry Humphries had no children. With his second wife Rosalind Tong, he had two children. From this third wife, he had two children as well. His present wife, Lizzie Spender has no children yet.


Barry Humphries is an Australian citizen.

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