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Elizabeth Kenny

Elizabeth Kenny

“Elizabeth Kenny”�was an Australian nurse who was unauthorized�nurse and she supported in a contentious way for the�treatment of poliomyelitis.�Before this period mass vaccination�was used to prevent the disease�in most of the countries.

She�was born�on 20th September 1880 at the place of�“Warialda, New South Wales”. She died at the age of 72, in the year of 1952 on 30th November at�“Toowoomba in Australia”. Lisa was the name that her family members used to�call.

Her�discoveries�conflicts to standard medical wisdom and they expose that the muscles affected by the polio needs to exercise the muscles instead of restricting them. Kenny’s statement on muscle reformation had become popular and it was the�formation�of physical therapy and physiotherapy.

Lisa had studied in their home by her mother until she attends to school at New South Wales and Nobby, Queensland. Her wrist was broken at the age of 17�in the horse ride though her father took her to hospital at Toowoomba.�Where Dr. Aeneas McDonnell treated to her and she remained during her recovery.�There she had first studied the books of anatomy and known the facts of model Skeleton.

In 1909 she returned from Guyra to Nobby and planned to become a nurse, she�paid tailor�to stitch her nurse’s uniform with cap and cape. She earned the money by�brokering produce in Guyra. In 1911 at Clifton�she�started a cottage hospital named as st.Canice�with her earned amount.�Lisa has provided a better treatment�at st.Canice, and started her first case with infantile paralysis with the help of a Local Lodge Doctor.

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