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Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch


The business tycoon, Rupert Murdoch enlightened this world on 11th March 1931 in the city of Melbourne, Australia. Born to a renowned publisher of a newspaper, Murdoch succeeded to become the heir of Sunday Mail and the News and persisted to acquire various other media organizations over the coming years.


This media tycoon was honored with “Companion of the Order of Australia” Award in the year 1984.


The personal life of Rupert Murdoch involves marrying Patricia Booker in the year 1956. They filed for a divorce which was accepted in 1965. Later, Anna Torv became Mrs. Rupert Murdoch in 1967 and shortly divorced him in 1999. Just within 17 days of divorcing her, Murdoch married his third spouse, Wendi Deng. June 2013 witnessed their divorce as a surprise to many.


Rupert Murdoch pursued his Bachelor of Arts / Science from Oxford University and Master of Arts, Oxford University


Rupert Murdoch had 6 children from his three wives. From first wedding, he had Prudence, a daughter born in 1958. He had three kids from his second wife-Elisabeth (1968), Lachlan (1971), and James (1972). Rupert had Grace (2001) and Chloe (2003) from his third wife.


Rupert Murdoch was an Australian citizen by birth in 1931. His business merging brought him to United States and eventually turned him into a United States citizen in the year 1985.

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