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Dawn Fraser

Dawn Fraser

“Dawn Fraser” is an Olympic champion Swimmer and also a politician. She is an Australian, winner of the same Olympic event three times in one of the 3 swimmers. She was born on 4th September 1937 at Balmain, New South Wales, Australia.

While she lived in Australia, above her swimming career she was very popular for her arguable behavior and also a goon character more than her athletic ability. She won 8 Olympic medals, 4 gold medals, and also 6 commonwealth Games gold medals. She made 6700 records. Being that her best was the 100 meters freestyle and she stood with the title for 15 years from 1st December 1956 to 8th January 1972.

In 1962 on October, she was the first woman who had the ability to swims 100 meters freestyle in less than a minute. She keeps on going the record until 1973, she retired then after 8 years the record of the 100 meters freestyle of 58.9 secs has been broken.

In 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Fraser gets irritation with the swimming team sponsors and also on the Australian Swimming Union, because of marching with the old costume which was against to their will and it was more comfortable to her than the sponsors supplied. She was arrested for the stealing of Olympic flag from a flagpole outside the castle of Emperor Hirohito’s from kokyo but released without any charge.

Finally she returned the flag to them as a souvenir. Because of this issue the Australian committee has suspended her for 10 years. After that she has been recalled for the games before few months to train her in 1968, but at the age of 31 it was too late to make it.

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