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Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn


Errol Flynn, also known as Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn was born in 1909 June 20 to a lecturer father Theodore Thomson Flynn and Marrelle Young. Flynn was a raucous child who was dropped out of every school he was in. His nature landed him in short-termed odd jobs in late teens which include sheep castrator, fisherman, soldier, police constable etc. As a pastime, he chose to act in a film named “In the Wake of the Bounty (1933)”. It was then his athletic look and talent landed him in glitz world. He grabbed the attention of Warner Brothers then and soon flew to America to try his luck.


Reports say that Flynn died of heart attack in October 1959.


Flynn was honored with Bambi Best Actor International Award in 1951 and 1952. He won Golden Apple Awards for Least Cooperative Actor in 1943 and 1948. In the year 1960, he won Walk of Fame for Motion Picture and Television.


Flynn was first married to Lili Damita in the year 1935 to 1942. He re-married Nora Eddington in 1943. This wedding lasted 7 years, and ultimately leading to their separation in 1949. His third spouse was actress Patrice Wymore in 1950 until his death in 1959.


Flynn’s educational background has not been so impressive since he was being dropped out of every school he was registered into due to his rude and rambunctious behavior. Nonetheless, he went to St. Paul’s School, Sydney Church of England Grammar School to name a few.


From Damita, Flynn had a son Sean Flynn in 1941. From his second wife, he had two daughters Deirdre in 1945 and Rory in 1947. From Wymore, he had Arnella Roma, a daughter in 1953.


Flynn preferred to call himself as Irish despite being an Australian because of his father’s professor profession in Northern Ireland.

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