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Sir John Monash

Sir John Monash

Birth and Nationality

Australia’s most famous soldier Sir John Monash was born on June 27, 1865. Born to Jewish parents Louis and Bertha, John, the eldest of three children, was raised in West Melbourne.

Education and Early Life

John attended St Stephen's Church of England School, but when the family incurred loses, he and his siblings were forced to attend state-run schools. Later, he went to Scotch College. He took arts and engineering in University of Melbourne.

Spouse and Children

John married Hannah Victoria Moss in April 8, 1891 and had one child, Bertha. At this stage, he was already working as a civil engineer and the “reinforced concrete” was his greatest contribution in the engineering industry.

Career in Military

John was a civil engineer by profession, but he rendered his services in the military. He entered the militia in 1884. He had several promotions until he became the Australian Military Commander in the onset of the World War I. He headed the 13th Infantry Brigade, became the 4th Brigade’s commander in Egypt, and played a major role in the Gallipoli campaign. In 1918, he became the commander of the largest corps on the Western Front, the Australian Corps. John was the man behind the successful attack of the Battle of Amiens which ended the war.

Honors, Awards, and Recognitions

Some of his honors and awards include the following:
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George
Awardee of Croix de Guerre and Grand Officer of the L�gion d'honneur
Awardee of Croix de Guerre and Grand Officer of the Order of the Crown
Awardee of Distinguished Service Medal in the US.


Australia’s most famous soldier died due heart attack on October 8, 1931 where 300,000 mourners attended his state funeral.

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