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Michael Hutchence

Michael Hutchence

“Michael Kelland John Hutchence” birth date is on 1960 of 22nd January. He was born at Lane Cove, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He was an Australian Actor, Musician and also a member in the Rock band “INXS” when it was started. He was the lead singer and lyricist in the band from 1977 to his death 1997.

He was the son of a Sydney business man Kelland ("Kell") and a make-up artist, Patricia (n�e Kennedy). His father was an English ancestry and his father half-sister Tina was 11 years old, whilehe married Patricia in 1959 on January. Following his father business interests the entire family has shifted to Brisbane.

And then his younger brother Rhett was born and afterwards they had moved to Hong Kong and as a result in Australian trading company his father took a job. Michael was very much fascinated and has a lot of promises in his swimming career until his arm broken very badly. After that he showed interest in poet writing and also performed his first song while attending to the King George V School during his early age.

In 1972 the Family has shifted back to Sydney in his middle age. He was attended to the Davidson high school for his studies there he met Andrew Farriss and they become close and spent a lot of time with each other in Andrew’s brother garage.

And then Farriss convinced him to join his band Doctor Dolphins and other two classmates Kent Kerny and Neil Sanders. Then all the boys were transferred to Davidson High School and then they became serious of starting their own band.

When he was 15 his parents were separated and he was with his mother and Tina and they moved to live in California for a short time. After that they returned to Sydney with his mother.

On 1977, they started a new band and from then the band were continuously running. There are several changes took in the band and new artist were came, and in 1979 the band was renamed as INXS.

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