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Sir Douglas Mawson

Sir Douglas Mawson

Sir Douglas Mawson was born on 5th May 1882 at Shipley in West Yorkshire in England in United Kingdom. He was an Australian geologist and Academic. He was also a leader for the “Young Age of Antarctic Exploration” along with Roald Amundsen, Robert Falcon Scott, and Ernest Shackleton.

Early Life

When he was 2 years old his family has shifted to Australia and settled at Rooty Hill in the western suburbs of Sydney. He completed his schooling in the Fort Street Model School. Later he completed his graduation in 1902 and with a Bachelor of Engineering in the University of Sydney.

Early Work

After completing his graduation, in 1903 he started working as a geologist to an expedition to the New Hebrides. His report on “The Geology of New Hebrides” was one of the most important geological efforts of Melanesia. A geology paper has also released in the same year on Mittagong, New South Wales. He was greatly influenced by two of his Professors: “Edgeworth David" and "Archibald Liversidge" in his geological career.

In 1905 he worked as a lecturer for Petrology and Mineralogy in the University of Adelaide.

Later Life

He married Francisca Paquita Delprat on March 31st in 1914 at Holy Trinity Church of England, Balaclava, Victoria. He has two children’s, the elder one is Patricia born in 1915 and the younger one is Jessica born in 1917.

He won an award named “Fellow of the Royal Society”. He died on October 14th 1958 at Brighton home. He died at the age of 76 because of cerebral haemorrhage.

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