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Temporary Work Visa

Temporary Work Visa

Temporary Work Visa for a short stay, or subclass 400, is a short-term visa that allows a traveller to enter Australia for a short-term basis. If you, for instance, are highly qualified to work for a position in a company in Australia and will be under a short-term work contract, then a Temporary Work Visa will be issued to you. Similarly, if you were invited to participate in a non-regular basis event in Australia by any accredited or authorised Australian organisation, a Temporary Work Visa is also what you need in order to be able to access Australia.

The Essentials in Applying for Temporary Work Visa

If you are going to apply for Temporary Work Visa, you must own a legal passport. Your application will be linked to the passport, and it is the same passport that you will use when you enter Australia. Shall your passport nears its expiration date; make sure that you apply for a passport renewal first before you apply for Temporary Work Visa. If your Temporary Work Visa application is linked to the would-be expiring passport and you applied for a new passport, the visa will not be honoured and you will not be allowed to enter Australia. Definitely, you cannot use your old passport when you enter Australia.

The Validity Period of Temporary Work Visa

When you are granted the Temporary Work Visa, you must travel to Australia three months after the visa is granted. From there, you can stay in Australia for six weeks. If there is a need for you to stay longer, you can have the visa for up to three months, provided that a situation made the department agree to let you stay for a longer time. A letter will be sent to you that the department granted the request for an extended stay.

The Responsibilities of Holding a Temporary Work Visa

Temporary Working Visa not only allows you to work for a short-term basis in Australia, you can also bring your immediate family there if you include them in your application. You and your family are obliged to respect and comply with all Australian laws and be under the visa restrictions. Similarly, you must only engage in the work you are short-hired for, or attend only in the event you are invited to. If you need to attend other events, you have to apply for a new visa for a new purpose. Take note that your family is not allowed to work in Australia for the whole duration of their stay there.

402- Training and Research Visa

Its an unique visa that allows one to be part of a workplace based training program, which would allow an individual to enhance their skills and therefore provide more value in their current job or field of study. With the help of this visa, people can also take part in any of the professional development or training program, if people are invited for the same in any professional development stream. Individuals can also participate or at least observe any Australian research program and project after a due invitation.� This is not a work visa.

With the help of this visa, you can enter Australia at any time. You can stay in Australia at for the entire duration of the program, whether it is training or a research position. You can also carry out any training and activity that is specifically noted in your visa application. You can also travel to and fro Australia until the participating program is over, or till your visa expires – whichever occurs first.�


To get this visa, one needs to be either an occupational trainee, or a professional. Additionally, they can also be a manager or a government official. Even those who are professional academics can get this visa. �You need a valid passport from an eligible country to apply for the visa. Because this is a sponsored visa, the organization or the individual who is sponsoring should be approved as a sponsor – and therefore should have applied as a sponsor earlier.�


If the people who are applying live outside Australia, they should apply outside Australia. If the people applying are living inside Australia, they should apply from inside Australia. The people can either be inside or outside Australia at the time of grant, irrespective of whether the visa has been lodged or not.

While applying for this visa, one might be asked to attach proof of financial stability, so that one can support oneself and their family during the term that they are in Australia. In addition, one should have adequate health insurance at the time of filling up the form for this afore mentioned The health insurer could either be Australian, or a company in the country of your origin.

Character requirements must be met. For example, you might be asked to provide a police certificate in any country that you have lived for more than twelve months, after you have crossed the age of sixteen.

Another requirement is that you should not have any debts pending with the Australian Government, or even if you have one, make sure that it is fully paid up before you apply for the said visa.


The cost for this visa depends on various factor, including, but not restricted to the time taken for the visa to be approved, which in itself depends on various factors. Depending on the person to person, the approval time for the visa might be anything from one day to one week, and the costs may increase or decrease in the same manner.

416 - Special Program Visa

It is an unique visa that endeavors to allow people to interact and share various information and knowledge, including social cultural and local.


To procure a visa under the Special Program Visa in Australia, you need to be invited to the country and the visa by a Special Program Sponsor. With this invitation, you can participate in the various approved programs that are aimed towards cultural enrichment, community benefit and some youth exchange programs.

One of the other requirements of being approved for the Special Program Visa is that the person should have a valid passport from one of the eligible countries. The passport should be valid for as long as the person intends to stay in Australia.

In the case that a person gets a new passport, after the visa has been granted, they would need to provide information about the new passport to one of the many Australian offices. The information can be provided via e-mail or fax. All that is needed to be faxed is the photo page of the new passport. In case the passport is stolen, one would need to get a new passport and then provide the details to the relevant Australian offices.

You also need to provide certain documents with your visa application, on which the decision whether your application is to be approved or rejected is taken. The documents that need to be sent pertain to the person’s identity, family and relationships.

The biographical pages of the passports of all the people who are listed in the passport or the travel documents, along with two recent passport size photographs of all the people who are included in the application. The names of the people should be printed behind each of the photographs.

If the person has undergone military service, the documents pertaining to such should be provided. Along with this, other documents like those pertaining to health insurance and academic qualifications should also be provided.

Since this is a sponsor only visa, the documents pertaining to the approval of the sponsorship application need to be attached, like the sponsorship application number and the letter of approval for the sponsor.� A copy of the sponsor’s letter of invitation should also be provided. If the person is a recipient is an AusAID recipient, a facsimile of the letter of support from the AusAID Minister should be attached.

You also need to send financial documents like bank statements, documents from financial institutions that state financial positions, along with documents that guarantee financial support from the sponsors wherever applicable, or the documents that show a family member guaranteeing financial support and having sufficient funds for the said guarantee.


The time taken for the visas depends not only from type to type but even from application to application. The timeframe given is indicative only, and the actual time can be anything between one day and one month, depending on the past profile and other information related to the individual and other individuals noted in the documents.

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