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Business Visa in Australia

Business Visa in Australia

Businessmen travel to Australia for a variety of reasons. Some go to Australia to attend conferences, trainings, and seminars that are of great importance to the development of their businesses. Some business visits are for negotiations with Australian businessmen for possible merge or trading. While some take time to travel to Australia to check Australian market, and possibly establish a business there. Whatever the purpose of the businessmen to come to Australia is, Business Visa is what they have to obtain so they can assure entry into this country. Since businessmen have different reasons for their travel in Australia, different types of business visas are issued as well.

Australian Business Owner Visa

Australian Business Owner Visa is for businessmen who have expressed genuine intention to start and invest in Australia’s commerce. Criteria would be a business ownership that had an annual turnover of not less than AUS $500,000 for two of the last four years; in business, he must have an asset with a value of at least AUS $200,000 for the same period; and his business and personal asset must amount to a minimum of $500,000 which is available for transfer to Australia within two years upon issuance of the visa.

Australian Business Executive Visa

Australian Business Executive Visa basically requires the same as an Australian Business Owner visa, but here, instead of establishing business ownership, he must establish his occupation. His position must be on the top rank of a major and reputable company, and he must prove his participation in the development and operation in the business. In short, it is his experience, intelligence, skill and expertise he is bringing in Australia.

Australian Business Investor Visa

Australian Business Investor Visa’s applicant must have managed an eligible business for at least three years, or has directly been involved in managing an eligible investment worth at least AUS $1 million. The applicant must have a net worth of asset amounting to at least AUS $2.5 million and a Designated Investment of AUS $1.5 million must be made. He and his spouse’s asset may be combined in this case.

Take note that in Australia, there is a strict compliance when it comes to health and character requirements. Businessmen applying for a visa undergo the same procedure of a chest X-ray done by an accredited Australian doctor or under an accredited Australian hospital or health department, and must submit police certificates from the countries he has lived or travelled in the past twelve months.

459 - Sponsered Business Visitor Visa

The Sponsored Business Visitor Visa Subclass 459 is intended at those individuals who want to travel to Australia for business purpose. Normally, the duration of stay is short for visa holders, as this is also called short stay visa. So, this is mainly a visa that allows business people to travel to the country and preside over business meetings for a short period of time.


Sponsored Business Visitor Visa Subclass 459 is a visa for the business people who intend to come to Australia for a short business trip. For instances, business people have to travel globally to attend conferences, meetings or for the purpose of negotiation; the Sponsored Business Visitor Visa Subclass 459 is aimed at those people who simply fly to Australia for such visits, without intending to set up work or business in the country. It is also a sponsored visa, which means the visitor should have a sponsor in the country that will help him get the visa.


The Sponsored Business Visitor Visa Subclass 459 does not take long time to get processed as it is a short stay visa. Anybody who applies for this visa does not need to wait for long. The visa is granted immediately after it has been received by the authorities and upon judging the requirements and other criteria.


The Sponsored Business Visitor Visa Subclass 459 is granted for a specific time period depending on the visa application. When the letter of approval is sent to the applicant it will be clearly mentioned about how long the visa will last. Notification of Grant Letter will be sent to respective applicants stating the date of expiry. However, an applicant cannot apply for a visa extension in this category.


An applicant is eligible to get the Sponsored Business Visitor Visa Subclass 459 if he/she is travelling to Australia for business. Short business trips are the reason why people apply for this visa. To get this visa, an applicant must have a good sponsor.

With the Sponsored Business Visitor Visa Subclass 459, the visa holder will be allowed to travel to Australia for short-term business trips, which includes business-related seminars, meetings, conferences, networking or conventions.

The visa will allow visa holders to enter the country for a maximum period of 3 months, in case if the has been granted for one single visit. The visa may also be granted for a maximum period of 3 months for each visit, in case it was granted for multiple visits.

Usually, visa holders are not allowed to work. Nevertheless, you may be able to work in certain categories, such as non-ongoing jobs or specialized jobs may be allowed.

However, in case if the Sponsored Business Visitor Visa Subclass 459 was granted with an attached condition of “No Further Stay” , the applicant will not be able to apply for other Australian visas while he is already in Australia. However, there are some exceptions to circumstances.

Is any subclass available?

Yes, Sponsored Business Visitor Visa Subclass 459.

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