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Visa Entitlement Verification

Visa Entitlement Verification

Visa Entitlement Verification, or VEVO, is an online facility that lets visa holders track their visa status and entitlement any time of the day. Not only for visa holders but also for registered Australian organisations have an access in VEVO. These Australian organisations include Registered Migration Agents, government agencies, education providers, employers, labour suppliers, and financial institutions. They can check the status or entitlement of the visa holders applying for a visa, work, or licenses, or study. It also gives information and update on the status of government services such as Medicare. Organisation account holders experience the self-serve features, wherein one can update, reset, or retrieve password, email addresses, and usernames among others.

VEVO for Australian Organisations

For Australian organisations interested in the VEVO facility, all they are required to do is to register the organisation. Registration happens online, and there is an application form there that is needed to be filled up. Besides, VEVO also asks for the Australian Business Number.

VEVO for Visa Holders

For visa holders, there is no need to have visa stamp or visa label registered in the passport. Through Visa Entitlement Verification, visa holders can get confirmation on the status of their visa, its details, as well as its entitlements. The VEVO online facilities are easy-to-use and have user-friendly features. Through Query Application Status, a visa holder can immediately check the progress of his/her visa application as well as its process. Visa holder does not have to register to VEVO. As long as you are a visa holder, you can have a quick access to VEVO. When checking VEVO the status of the visa, Transaction Reference Number, passport number, and date of birth is being asked before one can proceed to the updates.

The Access to VEVO

Visa holders and registered Australian organisations have different accesses to VEVO. While registered organisations can easily see visa holder’s information relating to entitlements, the visa holder is provided a more detailed access to grants and expiry dates, visa class and subclass, grant numbers, allowed entries, and basically all details and information about the visa. However, what is good about this is that the visa holder can immediately email the status of their visa to the registered organisations for quicker reference.

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