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Superyacht Crew Visa

Superyacht Crew Visa

What is a Superyacht Crew Visa?

If you are working in a yacht industry, having the proper visa is imperative. Take note that a yacht may be detained if its crew does not have the correct visa, such as Australia’s Superyacht Crew Visa. It is provided by Australia for crew members visiting its shores.

Australia’s Superyacht Crew Visa is the type of visa provided to crew members to work on board a Superyacht, permitting them to stay and work for duration of twelve months. By Superyacht, it means a yacht that is 24 meters or longer in length, and something used for sports, leisure, or pleasure and not for cargo.

Who Should Apply for Superyacht Crew Visa?

Crew members must have this temporary visa to ensure them of a legal stay and a permit to work in Australia shores. If you are a crew member of Superyacht, you can enter, leave, and re-enter Australia during the twelve-month validity period.

Before you can apply for this type of visa, your employer or the owner of the yacht company must have a status of Superyacht crew sponsor. As long as the sponsorship is approved, you can already lodge for an application for Superyacht crew visa. In the event that you are holding a Superyacht crew visa and have decided to transfer to another Superyacht, you need to apply for a new Superyacht crew visa even if the one you are holding has not expired yet. A new application is required because you need to have a new sponsorship from your new employer.

What are the Requirements in Applying for Superyacht Crew Visa?

The sponsorship is a crucial part in applying for a Superyacht crew visa. One of the requirements if you lodge an application for visa is the evidence of sponsorship. The evidence includes the name of your sponsor, a copy of approval letter of the sponsor, and the ID number of the sponsor which can be found in the approval letter. Another important factor in applying for a Superyacht crew visa is your passport. You will need to provide a passport number to be linked to your Superyacht crew visa application, and that same passport is what you are going to use in entering Australia.

If you are going to apply for a Superyacht crew visa, it is better to do it online for easy transaction. In the online application, your Transaction Reference Number is important as well. For one, this gives identity to your application. You need it for communication, follow-ups, and tracking of progress after you have lodged your application.

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