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Employer Sponsored Visa

Employer Sponsored Visa

Employing Outside Australia

The employer sponsorship scheme allows Australian employers to employ skilled and qualified workers to work for their business to augment their workforce with the aim of expanding their company. If an Australian employer strongly believes that employing from outside the country works best for his company, he can sponsor an overseas employee to work in his business in Australia under a temporary or permanent visa. The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) permits Australian employers to nominate candidates that suit the positions his business is looking for.

The Employer Sponsored Visa

Provided that the overseas candidate possesses the skills, knowledge, and talent an Australian employer is looking for, as well as the work experience, recommendations, and qualifications, then the employer may sponsor the overseas candidate an Employer Sponsored Visa. There are two types of visas under Employer Sponsored Visa—temporary visa and permanent visa. A temporary Employer Sponsored Visa is issued to overseas workers that will be occupying a position with temporary vacancies. A permanent Employer Sponsored Visa, on the other hand, is granted to an overseas worker who will be getting a permanent work or job in Australia. In some cases, the temporary visa paves the way to granting an overseas worker a permanent Employer Sponsored Visa.

The Employer Nomination Scheme List of Occupations

Before one can sponsor a working visa, or before an applicant is granted an Employer Sponsored Visa, the position the candidate is applying for must be listed in the Employer Nomination Scheme List of Occupations. The positions, aside from making it to the list, must also be in accordance with the standards for good working conditions. Similarly, the salary for the positions must also be on the legal salary bracket, and the position must require a full-time working hours spanning for three years the least.

If you are seeking opportunities in Australia, you can check on the list of positions that are under ENS List of Occupations. The list also assures you that the employer and the business you will be working for is legit and legally operates in Australia. The database of sponsored employment opportunities is always updated and you can definitely find a position that suits your skills and abilities, with sectors ranging from medical, information technology, finance, engineering, transport, automotive, and more. When you are chosen for sponsorship, your employer may pay for the cost in full or in part. A great feature of the Employer Sponsored Visa is that it extends up to all immediate family members.

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