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Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (subclass 186) is designed for employers who seek support for their business by hiring non-Australian workers who have the skills, talent, and qualifications that suit the vacancies in their company. This is often confused with Employer Sponsored visa program, but the fact is, Employer Nomination Scheme Visa is part of the Employer Sponsored visa program.

Employer’s Requirements for Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

On the employer’s part, if he wants to recruit through the Employer Nomination Scheme, he must be able to prove the following:

  • Their business is located in Australia and operates under legal conditions
  • Their business has a good reputation and the one operating, running, or owning the business is of good moral character and is of good standing as well
  • The vacant position he wanted to be occupied by an overseas worker is included in the list of Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List
  • The salary of the position to be filled by an overseas worker is within the market salary rate
  • The position to be filled is for full-time work for at least three years
  • The employer has to continue training to existing workers in his company and that the terms and conditions of his employment is in accordance to the standards set by the Australian Industrial Laws.

Applicant’s Requirements for Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

On the side of the applicant, there are certain requirements which he/she must prove. They are as follows:

  • Applicant possesses the required skills needed for the position
  • Applicant has at least three years working in the position he is candidate for
  • He/she has a positive skill assessment from a relevant assessing authority
  • Applicant has the necessary licenses, accreditations, or registrations in relation to the vacancy he is a candidate for
  • Applicant has knowledge of the English language and age is not beyond 45

When it comes to the age criteria, one can be a candidate even beyond the age of 45 as long as the position he is candidate for is specialised and unique; sometimes, persons younger than 45 would not have the same level of skill and expertise; and that the position only employs persons who have certain skills that can be acquired over period of years, such as scientists. And since Australia is very strict when it comes to health and character, anyone entering Australia on the Employer Nomination Scheme must pass chest X-ray examination under accredited Australian Health Services; and obtain police certificates from the countries he has lived in the past twelve months.

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