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Visa Wizard

Visa Wizard

The Visa Wizard helps you find appropriate visa for Australia. If you want to visit, study, work or stay in Australia, you can take the help of Visa Wizard in finding the right visa you need. However, the Visa Wizard includes most common visas to Australia. To get more detailed information, you have to visit the official site of immigration and citizenship department of Australia.

How to use the Visa Wizard?

You can start the Visa Wizard by clicking on the start button displayed on the screen. Then you need to answer certain questions asked by the Visa Wizard, so that it can give accurate information. Mostly, the questions are based on your purpose of travelling to Australia, qualification, duration of stay in Australia etc. After answering to these questions, you can get detailed information on type of visa you need.

Information the Visa wizard provides:

You will also get information on following aspects:

  • Visa basics
  • Application forms and booklets
  • What to do before you apply
  • Your location while applying for the visa and when you already granted the visa
  • Documents and skills required to apply the visa
  • Qualification required to get the visa
  • Legal process of getting the specific visa
  • Payment details
  • Length of stay
  • Work rights (if you have applied the visa to work in Australia)
  • Whether you can bring your family with you
  • Processing time

The Visa Wizard is very much helpful for visa aspirants. It gives them a complete idea on how they have to get ready before applying a visa for Australia. Once you get all the information and if your documents are already ready, you can get that specific visa without much hurdle. The Visa Wizard makes ones task easier in getting a visa to Australia.

676 - Tourist Visa

The Australian Tourism Visa Subclass 676 is mainly designed for all those people who cannot apply for the ETA Australian Visa as they are ineligible in some ways. In other cases, people who want to come to Australia and stay for over 3 months should also apply for this tourist visa under subclass 676.


The Tourism Visa subclass 676 allows visa holders to come to Australia for the purpose of tourism. Tourism includes family visits, visiting a friend or simply a holiday. Anyone can apply for the Tourism Visa during their stay in Australia or from outside the country. However, visa holders have to provide the necessary evidence to show that they have adequate funds available in their bank account to cover all the costs for their duration of stay in the country.

The visa is mainly issued to those Australian visitors who want to extend their visitor visa. Nevertheless, there are some cases in which it may also be issues in the very first instance to some eligible tourists.


It takes time to process the Tourist Visa unlike other ETA visa. However, there is no such instant processing system for Tourist Visa in Australia. While ETA restricts your stay up to 3 months, the Tourist Visa lasts for 12 months. However, it normally takes about 10 days for the visa application to get processed from the date of application. Applicants for this visa must hold a valid passport.


If the Tourist Visa is granted, it will allow you to enter and stay in Australia once or more than once, over a period of 3 months, 6 months or up to 12 months. The duration of stay and the total number of times you enter Australia will depend on the intent of your visit as well as personal circumstances involved.

As a visa holder, you may be allowed to come to Australia just once. In that case, you must apply for another visa if you wish to return to the country after the period of leave.

You will also be able to travel in and out of Australia for a number of times till the validity of the visa lasts. However, the time that you spend in the country cannot exceed the period of stay granted to you in the visa.


You should have a genuine reason or intent to visit Australia with this visa. You cannot study or work in Australia while you are on the Tourist Visa.

Basic requirements to apply for this visa are:

  • for the purpose of touring
  • for visiting family and friends in Australia

Once you apply for the Tourist Visa, you must be present in Australia when the final decision of approval/disapproval is made.

While on the Tourist Visa to Australia, you are required to follow and comply with all the conditions mentioned in your visa. If you violate any of the conditions mentioned, it may lead to visa cancellation and you may have to leave the country.

If any subclass available?

Yes, Tourist Visa subclass 676 and e676.

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