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Electronic Travel Authority Visa

Electronic Travel Authority Visa

Electronic Travel Authority - Visitors of Australia are required to get a valid visa to permit entry. For visit and tour purposes, as well as commerce and business, qualified travellers may get Electronic Travel Authority to be able to enter Australia. ETA is electronically-stored authority for travel to Australia granting that the visit is just for a short stay. This is similar, but not equal to, a visa. It actually replaces the visa stamp in the passport. Airlines and travel agencies have access to ETA information.

Anyone who wishes to have a short-term visit to Australia can apply for Electronic Travel Authority online any time. Easier than visa applications, all you need to do is to fill-up an ETA application form found online. After completion and submission of ETA application, the processing follows. Though you can apply for ETA any time—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—the processing of the application is only made Monday to Friday during business hours.

Applying for Electronic Travel Authority

Take note that you do not need to present your passport when applying for Electronic Travel Authority. The passport number plays an important role in the application of ETA because the passport number is linked to your ETA application and the passport bearing the passport number you provided in your online application must be presented when you enter Australia.

Validity Period of Electronic Travel Authority

Electronic Travel Authority’s validity runs for 12 months, with 90 days allowed in every visit. If you are a traveller who will frequently visit Australia beyond 12 months, then the Electronic Travel Authority is not for you. Similarly, if your visit in Australia will require you to be there for more than 90 days, Electronic Travel authority is not for you either.

956 - 977 - Electronic Travel Authority Visa ( Business Entrant)

Business purpose visitor visas are meant for people traveling to Australia to do some kind of business. For instance, there are people who come to Australia to attend some training sessions or conferences, or simply conduct businesses with one of the many Australian-based organizations, for the purpose of business negotiations or just an exploratory visit for business purpose.

However, business activities don’t include musical performances, commercial film production or acting.

There are 2 types of ETA (Business Entrant Visa) to come to Australia. The respective business entrant visas are designed for people in the business that come from other countries and would like to visit or stay in Australia for a short span of time to meet their business goals, which includes attending some business or educational meeting, conventions, seminars, networking, training, conferences, informal studies or others.


956 - 977 - Electronic Travel Authority Visa (Business Entrant) allows you to travel to Australia and stay for a short span of time for business purpose. Here, business includes:

  • Events to attend, such as business related or educational meets, seminars or conventions, networking or conferences
  • For the purpose of some informal training or studies relevant to business

Nevertheless, the 956 - 977 - Electronic Travel Authority Visa (Business Entrant) does not give you the permission to work in Australia. If your purpose of traveling to this country is work, you must choose another visa.

Because this visa allows you to travel to the country and stay for some time, there are some electronic travel authority requirements following the Australian laws to be followed. A traveler must:

  • not have any disease, such as tuberculosis while entering the country
  • should not work in the country just like a permanent citizen does
  • should not train or study for over 3 months
  • should not have criminal convictions


Processing of 956 - 977 - Electronic Travel Authority Visa (Business Entrant) involves sending a complete application form to the Australian Immigration Department. From the date of receipt of the complete application, you can count your days for processing and result.


In case of ETA Short Validity Visa (Business Entrant) Subclass 977, the term of stay in the country is upto 3 months on every single visit within a span of 12 months for the passport life (if under 12 months) or from the date of visa grant, for every single as well as multiple entry.

In case of ETA Long Validity (Business Entrant) Subclass 956, you are eligible to stay upto 3 months on each single visit for the entire passport life, for multiple entries.


In order to get the 956 - 977 - Electronic Travel Authority Visa (Business Entrant), the requirements are:

  • You should be an outsider, or non-resident of Australia
  • You must hold ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) eligible passport

If Any Subclasses Available?

ETA Business Entrant visa has 2 major subclasses – 956 and 977.

ETA subclass 956 is a Long Validity Visa, while ETA subclass 977 is a Short Validity Visa. There are other features of these respective visas.

976 - Electronic Travel Authority Visa (Visitor)

An Electronic Travel Authority Visa, also called ETA, is only intended for those who want to locate or stay outside Australia while their visa application is being processed. This visa allows all visa holders to travel to the country, Australia, for recreation, study or touring purposes. However, there are certain restrictions with respect to the time of study – study time is limited to 3 months, maximum. Anybody who holds a valid passport can apply for this visa.


Electronic Travel Authority Visa allows a person to travel to Australia for the purpose of holidaying, recreation, tourism or informal study. With this visa, the visa holder can stay for 3 months maximum, each time he/she visits.

Electronic Travel Authority Visa is generally available online 24x7. This system is mainly beneficial for applicants located outside Australia and would like to visit the country for business or tourism purpose.

With an Electronic Travel Authority Visa, anybody can travel to the country as many times as needed within the visa validity period of 12 months from the date the visa has been issued.

An ETA is also known as an electronically storied authority, which is equivalent to visa. There will be no label or stamp placed in the passport. Information related to Electronic Travel Authority Visa is accessible by travel agents, airlines and border agencies of Australia. This visa is also linked to the visa holder’s passport number that has been used in the Electronic Travel Authority Visa application. The visa holder is obliged to use only that passport the number of which has been linked to the ETA for travelling to Australia.

However, it is important to note that holding an Electronic Travel Authority Visa does not mean you can visit Australia time and again and extend your stay. If a person wishes to spend more time in Australia only for the purpose of tourism, it is important to consider other visitor visa or similar alternative visa to suit the purpose of your stay.


The process of application is very simple and it can be done online. All relevant information should be supplied for the purpose of application. Applications with some missing information usually take longer to be processed and finalised.

While completing the application online, it is best to avoid copying bullet points, accents, numbering and other formatted text from the document to be filled up.


The Electronic Travel Authority Visa subclass 976 is only valid for 12 months from the date of visa issuance. In some other cases, the visa may be granted for the life of passport of the visa holder.


Any person is eligible to get the Electronic Travel Authority Visa. However, there are some requirements, such as:

  • one should be outside Australia while applying for the visa
  • one must hold an ETA eligible passport

With this visa, it is possible to enter Australia as long as the visa is valid and stay up to 3 months on each visit.

If Any Subclass Available?

Yes, Electronic Travel Authority Visa (visitor) subclass 976.

675 - Medical Treatment Short Stay Visa

The Medical Treatment Short Stay Visa Subclass 675 allows applicants to live in Australia for a period of 3 months for the purpose of medical treatment. In case if the treatment is likely to take more than 3 months, applicants should choose other visas that will allow them longer stay period.


Anybody can apply for the Medical Treatment Short Stay Visa 675 in Australia as long as they can state a valid reason for their medical complication. However, this is a short stay visa that expires within 3 months from the date it was granted, which makes the visa short-lived. So, it may not be appropriate for those people who want to stay longer in Australia for their medical and health check-up or treatment.

The Australian Medical Treatment Short Stay Visa 675 will only allow visa holders to travel and stay in the country for 3 months for the purpose of medical consultation, medical treatment or similar reasons.

With this visa, you can live in Australia for the purpose of medical treatment. You can stay in the country for your medical treatment on one or even multiple visits over a specified period of time, which would not be any longer than 3 months at one time.

If the visa applicant is less than 18 years old and has a written permission from the ministry, he may be allowed to stay and study in Australia with this visa for more than 3 months. However, the applicant must show some compassionate and compelling reasons as a result of changing circumstances while he was staying in Australia.


The Medical Treatment Short Stay Visa 675 is not granted instantly. It may take some time, depending on the nature of the applicant, to get processed. Once it is processed, the applicant will be intimated via mail or email.


The Medical Treatment Short Stay Visa 675 is valid for a period of 3 months from the date on which the visa was granted to the applicant. The sole intent of this visa is to give you the time for your medical consultation and treatment.

If the visa has to be extended for any reasons, there must be a valid reason. For instance, if the medical treatment has to be continued even after the visa ends, or for visiting relatives or friends, it may be extended.

Before the current visa expires, visa holders should apply for a new visa.


The Medical Treatment Short Stay Visa 675 is available to people on the basis of eligibility. Some of the basic requirements are:

  • the applicant should have a confirmed consultation for medical purpose or medical treatment in Australia (with an exception to surrogacy)
  • the applicant must be able to prove that he has enough funds to pay for his trip to the country and bear all his medical treatment expenses in Australia
  • the applicant must meet all relevant health criterion as specified by the visa office
  • the applicant must possess moral good character

Children are also eligible for Medical Treatment Short Stay Visa 675, but they would require parental consent.

If any subclass available?

Yes, there are 2 subclasses for Medical Treatment Visa:

  • Medical Treatment Short Stay Visa 675
  • Medical Treatment Long Stay Visa 685

685 - Medical Treatment Long Stay Visa

Medical treatment long stay visa (Subclass 685) is the determinant factor for a person’s stay in Australia. It is basically a permission to reside in the country under the pretext of medical problems. The length of stay and terms of the visa is dependent on the time required for medical treatment determined by doctors in Australia.

685 - Medical Treatment Long Stay Visa is available only to those people who:

  • can prove´┐Ż their confirmed medical consultation to treatment in Australia, with an exception for surrogacy or surrogate motherhood;
  • can show that they can support themselves and pay the required amount of money for their trip to the country, Australia, as well as cost of all necessary medical treatments in Australia;
  • meet all relevant health norms; and
  • have good moral character.

This visa is also available to those people already present in Australia and whose residential applications in the country have been rejected for some reason, possibly health reason, in case if they do not meet certain requirements (such as aged over 50) and are not in a position to leave the country for valid medical reasons.

Children are also eligible to apply for 685 - Medical Treatment Long Stay Visa, but they would require parental consent.


685 - Medical Treatment Long Stay Visa allows you to move to Australia for medical consultation or treatments or relevant reasons. With this visa, one can stay in the country for 12 months.


The average time taken to process 685 - Medical Treatment Long Stay Visa depends on the date on which the Australian High Commission receives the complete application. The processing time, however, doesn’t include the time lag in case if your application was lying with the travel agent.


The 685 - Medical Treatment Long Stay Visa is valid for 3 months to 12 months, not beyond. So, the date on which your visa was granted is the crucial factor. The purpose of this visa is to simply give a person the required time for medical treatment.

There is a provision for further visa application in case if the medical treatment has to be continued beyond the date of expiry of the given 685 - Medical Treatment Long Stay Visa. Another clause under which an additional application for visa can be given is to meet relatives and friends, for sightseeing or a holiday.


Any person can get the 685 - Medical Treatment Long Stay Visa, provided that:

  • You have planned a medical consultation or treatment in Australia that requires you to stay long-term. However, treatment does not involve surrogate motherhood.
  • You are travelling to the country for donating an organ.
  • You are to accompany and provide support to the patient who needs treatment.
  • You are living in Australia, over 50 years of age, and your permanent visa application has been rejected only due to health reasons.

There are certain obligations that every nation expects their visitors to follow. In case of Australian visa laws, people are expected to leave before the visa expires, or apply for an extension.

If Any Sub-class Available?

Australian Medical Treatment Visa has two subclasses:

  • Short Stay Subclass 675
  • Long Stay Subclass 685

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