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Victorian Public Holidays

Victorian Public Holidays

In Australia, Public holidays are either recognized nationally or by the respective states. Nonetheless it's up to the particular states to make a decision if public holidays could be replaced, when they come up on weekends. Normally, most states allocate extra public holidays if Australia Day, New Years Day, ANZAC Day, Boxing Day, or Christmas Day falls on a Sunday or Saturday. For example, Australia day which had fallen on January 26, a Saturday, has been replaced to occur on January 28, a Monday, as per the Victorian public holiday list 2013.

Barring the National Public Holidays, the Territories and States independently proclaim all other public holidays for example Labour Day, Agricultural Show day holidays and Queen's Birthday. Victoria consists of a connection to non-metropolitan public holiday dates, for instance Show days and local Cup.

Conventionally, workers, private or public, were permitted to take a public holiday off with normal pay. In recent times this practice has altered to some extent. For instance, a business that is normally open on public holidays might appeal to employees for working on the day, and negation can be denied by the employer only on logical business reasons.

Australia has a fairly temperate nature of climate; so only just three-day weekends become a great reason to have a break. Usually people would head to the seashore, lakes, or mountains. Furthermore in winter season the snowfields in Victoria and southern New South Wales are sure to be full of activity on public holiday weekends.

The customs of Australia, regardless of the personal family legacy, is very nonchalant. Here holidays are an occasion for grouping with friends and family and being comfortable.

Victorian Public Holidays Dates 2013 - 2015

The following is an exhaustive list of public holidays in Victoria from 2013: 2015

Holiday 2013 2014 2015
New Year's Day Tuesday 1 January Wednesday 1 January Thursday 1 January
Australia Day Monday 28 January *Sat 26 January Monday 27 January *Sun 26 January Monday 26 January
Labour Day Monday 11 March Monday 10 March Monday 9 March
Good Friday Friday 29 March Friday 18 April Friday 3 April
Saturday before Easter Sunday Saturday 30 March Saturday 19 April Saturday 4 April
Easter Monday Monday 1 April Monday 21 April Monday 6 April
ANZAC Day Thursday 25 April Friday 25 April Saturday 25 April
Queen's Birthday Monday 10 June Monday 9 June Monday 8 June
Melbourne Cup Tuesday 5 November Tuesday 4 November Tuesday 3 November
Christmas Day Wednesday 25 December Thursday 25 December Friday 25 December
Boxing Day Thursday 26 December Friday 26 December Saturday 26 December *Monday 28 December

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