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Public Holidays

Public Holidays

Public holidays in Australia are declared by the national or state. If any public holiday falls on weekends, individual states can decide whether to substitute the day or not. In general, many states grant extra holidays for some of the major holidays like New Years Day, Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Christmas Day or Boxing Day if they fall on weekends. If this happens, the state may declare Monday as another public holiday to create a long weekend.

Because of the temperate climate in Australia a simple three day weekend turns out to be a reason to holiday. People plan their holiday to head to the beach, mountains or lakes. The snowfields in southern New South Wales and Victoria places will be too busy on a public holiday weekend.

For public holidays in Australia, summer and Christmas season are the most prolific time of the year as with the other parts of the world. During Christmas to New Years Day, most people plan their ten day break with only one or two annual leaves being affected.

Whatever the individual family heritage is, the culture of Australia is very laid back. Holidays in Australia are meant to spend time with their family and friends and relaxing.

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