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Astonishing Australia: Activities For Aussie Adventure

Astonishing Australia: Activities For Aussie Adventure

Australia is the only continent which is also a country; it is also one of the world’s best tourist destinations. You will expect nothing but an exhilarating holiday experience when visiting Australia. Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, expect a vivacious tourist scene in various places in Australia; not only that, the wildlife in this part of the world is breathtaking as well. But before you start planning your tour activities in the land down under; here is a short introduction of the Australian culture, history and sport.

A Page into Australian Culture, History and Sport

Before the time of the British colonisation, indigenous Australians were hunter-gatherers. Today, the Aborigines has resisted the strong influence of change and still preserved its culture and tradition, which is unique only to Australia. In 1907, the Commonwealth of Australia was established and became part of the conquering British Empire; thus, majority of the cultural history of Australia has a Brit element to it; even Australia’s grammatical style is patterned after the United Kingdom English. However, Australia’s culture remained diverse; both the Aboriginal history and colonisation influence, expect that your visit in Australia will open you different local customs and practices.

When it comes to activities like sport, Australia is heavily into cricket and horse racing. This kind of sporting activity dates back to pre-colonial period. Now, Australia is also known for its rugby. The Australian government has been fully supportive of its Aussie athletes; Australia already competed in many international sporting events like Olympics, Paralympics and the Commonwealth Games. Indeed, the history, culture and sports of the land down under made this continent one of the world’s best tourist spots.

Juncture of Interests in Australia

Beach, nature parks, active wildlife; what more can you ask for a wonderful holiday adventure in Australia. Here are some suggestions on how you can experience the natural beauty and amazing culture of this proud country:

Hire a Caravan

Caravans are best way to travel around Australia. You can drive your way to the Uluru rock formation just before sunrise; which is the best time to see this astonishing rock formation. You can also opt to travel to different public beaches that are crowd friendly.

Hit the Waves

You can also visit Byron Bay and hire a mechanical dolphin. You’ll definitely never run out of things to do when visiting Australia.

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