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Harold Holt

Harold Holt

Harold Holt, an Australian politician who later served as the 17th Prime Minister of Australia for 22 months, was born on 5th August 1908 to Thomas and Olive Holt in Stanmore, Australia. He attended different schools during his early life in Sydney. His parents' separation in 1918 created a sense of loneliness and insecurity in the young Holt which remained with him throughout his life.

He won scholarship and Ii 1927, he began his law degree in Queen's College at the University of Melbourne. He dated Viola Thring, daughter of his father's business partner, who ultimately became his step-mother. He met Zara Kate at the university and fell in love with her.

However their relationship came to an end in 1934 and Zara went to London where she met Captain James Fell, a British Army officer, and married him in March 1935. She gave birth to her son and later to a pair of twins in 1939 whose biological father is claimed to be Holt.

Zara's marriage to Fell ended soon and she reunited with Holt in 1946. On Sunday, 17th December 1967, Holt went to Cheviot Beach along with his friends and two bodyguards to see a British yachtsman who was circumnavigating the globe. Holt decided to swim, despite the heavy surf and strong currents.

He soon disappeared and was presumed drowned. Holt campaigned for indigenous rights and Australia's increasing involvement in Vietnam War and held the 1967 referendum. Harold Holt Swim Centre was built to commemorate him. 

17th Prime Minister of Australia
In office 26 January 1966–17 December 1967
Monarch Elizabeth II
Governor General Lord Casey
Preceded by Sir Robert Menzies
Succeeded by John McEwen
20th Treasurer of Australia
In office 22 November 1958–26 January 1966
Prime Minister Robert Menzies
Preceded by Sir Arthur Fadden
Succeeded by Sir William McMahon
Member of the Australian Parliament for Higgins
In office 10 December 1949–17 December 1967
Preceded by New division
Succeeded by John Gorton
Member of the Australian Parliament for Fawkner
In office 17 August 1935–10 December 1949
Preceded by George Maxwell
Succeeded by Bill Bourke
Personal details
Born 5 August 1908 Stanmore, New South Wales, Australia,
Died 17 December 1967 (aged-59) Point Nepean, Victoria, Australia
Political party Liberal Party of Australia
Spouse(s) Zara Holt
Children 3
Alma mater University of Melbourne
Religion Anglicanism

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