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Help Fight Against Immigration Fraud

Help Fight Against Immigration Fraud

If you are trying to get some assistance for the process of applying to migrate to Australia, the best place to look for help is the official website of the Australian Immigration Department. Alternatively, you can seek help from the numerous migration agents which are abundantly available. However, make sure that you get in touch with registered agents.

It is mandatory to be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) of Australia. It is illegal for an agent to operate without having a formal certification by MARA. This is a punishable crime and is a form of immigration fraud. There are other forms of immigration fraud which are also discussed here. If you have the knowledge of an illegal agent or are a victim of one, you can report it to the Australian Department of Immigration.

Means to help fight against Immigration Fraud

  • Call the Australian Department of Immigration on 1800 009 623
  • Download the departmental feedback form and tick the box for unregistered agent activity
  • Contact the department's Dob-in Service and report the matter in the form of a fax, telephone call, regular post, online report or a personal visit to the department

Forms of Immigration Fraud

  • A person who has overstayed in Australia (their visa has expired)
  • Someone who is working illegally in the country
  • Students who work for more hours than stipulated in their visa
  • Providing false information or documents
  • Not studying but holding a student visa
  • Faking a marriage for visa purposes
  • Non-Australian criminals
  • Agents who offer migration advice but are not registered
  • Registered agents who commit fraud against the department
  • Those assisting people to remain in Australia illegally
  • Fraudulent acquisition of benefits or allowances from the department for individuals who are not eligible for such benefits
  • Businesses, employers or organizations who exploit employees, breach sponsorship provisions, or allow illegal workers
  • If there is reasonable suspicion that there is a security risk to Australia and its citizens

Privacy of Informers

There is a privacy act in place known as Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. The information provided by a person with respect to immigration fraud is used in line with this act. By doing this, the person who supplies the information to the Department of Immigration will have their identity protected. Although the identity of the person who supplies the information is kept confidential, the information and the person's identity may be shared with other government departments as required. A person can also choose to remain anonymous. No information regarding the status of the investigations is however disclosed to the informer.

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