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Floriade History

Floriade History

For 30 fragrant days in September and October, Canberra wakes up with a million spring sprouts amid Floriade, Australia greatest blossom celebration. Amazing pictures are made as the blooms open their petals. Every year represents an alternate topic. It is a beautiful regular expansion to Canberra's green parks and local arrangements.

Douse up the botanical color while searching markets and gourmet stalls. Go to workshops, displays and live shows. Research planting, revel in movies or take after the Floriade Trail to the displays, landmarks and attractions of the country's capital. Floriade invites more than 400,000 nearby, interstate and universal guests every year.

See Canberra wake up with a million spring blossoms at Floriade, Australia greatest bloom celebration. For 30 fragrant days in September and October, the arrangement cots of Commonwealth Park get to be peddles for super-sized flower pictures. It's a beautiful regular expansion to Canberra's open green spaces and local enclosures.

Douse up the flower color while scanning clamoring markets and gourmet stalls and going to workshops, presentations and live shows. Research cultivating, revel in movies amongst the floodlit blooms or take after the Floriade Trail to spring-themed Canberra attractions.

Floriade's blossom couches rely on upon a million or more blossoms blossoming on signal. This imaginative cooperation between scene nursery workers and nature takes cautious planting and year and a half of arranging.

Tulips, irises, daffodils, violas, chrysanthemums, and daisies open their petals in striking plans which every year reflect an alternate subject. Some past topics have included 'Rock "n" Roll in Bloom' and 'Verse in Flowers'.

Like their full size and creativity from the air in a hot air inflatable. From above you can perceive how the blossoms blast forward from the city's finished parklands and local bramble area encompasses.

Past the blossom cots, you can search photographic shows and meet Australian cultivating identities. Meander the showcase arrangements and watch plant mixtures, arrangement outline and arranging.

For families there are play zones and workshops on everything from planting to narrating. In the tapping enclosure, kids can figure out how to drain cows and meet new-conceived chicks and ducks.

Floriade Nightfest includes five nights of amusement, movies, markets and nourishment and wine. Visitors can move to swing groups underneath light lit trees and watch movies amongst the floodlit blossoms.

Skim for neighborhood workmanship and specialty at the night markets or hop locally available a diversion ride. Delight in the spring aromas and mystical lights with a gourmet supper hamper and a beverage from the Nightfest Glow Bar.

Canberra sings with springtime vitality amid Floriade, setting aside a few minutes to investigate the capital's numerous other regular attractions including stops, enclosures and bushland, and Lake Burley Griffin.

Research Australia's military history at the Australian War Memorial and its political past at Old Parliament House. Visit the smart bars and restaurants and science and innovation shows at Questacon, The National Science and Technology Center. Canberra is likewise the door to the Australian Alps and various national parks.

About Floriade 2014

Floriade is Australia's greatest festival of spring. This notorious Canberra occasion, which is currently in its 27th year, runs for 30 days through the months of September and October.

It showcases one million blossoms in sprout all through Canberra's Commonwealth Park and passage is free. The occasion invites more than 400,000 nearby, interstate and universal guests every year.


  • The Inspiration Hub
  • The Gourmet Garden
  • Non Stop Entertainment
  • Entertaining the Childrens
  • Horticultural Delights
  • Ride the Giant Ferris Wheel

Environmental Care

  • Getting to Floriade
  • Green Power at Floriade
  • Lighting NightFest
  • Green Catering
  • Sustainable Paper
  • Recycling Facilities
  • Saving water at Floriade

Floriade is located in Commonwealth Park, Canberra.


  • 2008: 13 September - 12 October
  • 2009: 12 September - 11 October
  • 2010: 11 September - 10 October
  • 2011: 17 September - 16 October
  • 2012: 15 September - 14 October
  • 2013: 14 September - 13 October

Floriade Themes:

  • 1988 Floriade (no theme)
  • 1989 Floriade (no theme)
  • 1990 Floral garlands,
  • 1991 Music
  • 1992 The art of horticulture
  • 1993 Kites, colour and movement
  • 1994 Reflections
  • 1995 Carnival of cultures
  • 1996 Floriade celebrates the arts
  • 1997 Colour by day and night
  • 1998 Gardens and gourmets
  • 1999 Magic of the gardens
  • 2000 Games in the garden
  • 2001 The Century in bloom (Celebrating Centenary of Federation)
  • 2002 Poetry in flowers
  • 2003 The heavens in bloom
  • 2004 The wonder of water
  • 2005 Rock 'n' roll in bloom
  • 2006 Carnivale - The World on Show
  • 2007 Aussie icons, myths and legends
  • 2008 Films that shaped the nation
  • 2009 Mind, Body and Soul
  • 2010 Imagination
  • 2011 A feast for the senses
  • 2012 Style & Design
  • 2013 Canberra Centenary

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