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New Seven Wonders

New Seven Wonders

The first Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is a rundown that has most likely since a long time ago disappointed gutsy explorers. Six of the seven structures on the rundown haven't existed for quite a long time and must be perpetually envisioned, never seen. (Furthermore one of the seven, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, may never have existed whatsoever, as indicated by a few antiquarians.)

Herodotus is accepted to have begun the first rundown, path back in the fifth century B.c., so its no astound that the engineering wonders he applauded were not around for current man to appreciate. Yet starting 7/7/07 explorers ought to observe: another rundown is out, one that is cutting edge in both birthplace and extension, and each of the structures on it can be seen in individual. 

100 Million Votes

The new Seven Wonders of the World was assembled by famous vote over a six year period by a not-for-profit gathering headed by Swiss traveler Bernard Weber. In 1999 Weber started gathering proposals from Internet clients far and wide. A rundown of in excess of 200 selections was limited down to 70, and after that to 21, lastly to 7. The gathering reported more than 100 million votes, got through the Internet and cell messages, which, if genuine, makes this the biggest survey ever led. 

Not everybody has respected the rundown with open arms. Egyptian authorities were not satisfied that the Pyramids of Giza, the main unique ponder that still exists, needed to contend in the challenge. In the end the coordinators chose to expel it from the voting and settle on it a privileged decision (making it a rundown of eight). What's more the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) did not help the challenge, calling attention to that the results reflected just the suppositions of the digital voters.

Anyhow for Warner and different coordinators, the challenge was an approach to celebrate social assorted qualities and history, and to energize travel and correspondence. A large portion of the cash raised amid the challenge will be utilized to reserve the conservation and rebuilding of landmarks around the globe, including a goliath Buddha statue decimated by the Taliban in 2000 in Afghanistan.

Top 7 Wonders of the World

New 7 Wonders of the World are: 

Great Wall of China Christ the Redeemer Statue - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Great Wall of China Christ the Redeemer Statue
Machu Picchu - Peru The Roman Colosseum - Rome, Italy
Machu Picchu The Roman Colosseum
Taj Majal - Agra, India
Taj Majal - Agra, India
Chichen Itza Petra - Jordan
Chichen Itza Petra - Jordan

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