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Flinders International Postgraduate Scholarships


The Flinders International Postgraduate Scholarship program has a history of creating opportunities for deserving students to achieve their dreams. Abbreviated as the FIPRS.


Categories are available in education, humanities and law, health sciences, science and engineering, social and behavioral, commencing, international students and education.
The scholarships are available on various bases like academic research training, academic merit and the indicators of research and general performance. Students who have applied for this scholarship will be automatically eligible for the International Postgraduate Research Scholarship, abbreviated s the IPRS.
This scholarship is tenable for a three year full time course, in the case of Research Doctorate degree students. In the case of Research Master’s degree students, this scholarship is tenable for a two years full time course.
The selection of the awards is the responsibility of the Scholarship Committee, and the selection is done on the basis of academic merit and the potential & value of the research.

Award Conditions

This scholarship is for a maximum duration of three years for the Research Doctorate Degree, and two years for the Research Master’s Degree. This is a degree only for those students who have full time courses.
Under this scholarship, the approved students do not have to pay the international student tuition fees that are charged by the University for the research higher degree. The student is also eligible for a living allowance of $25,653, and this amount is indexed every year. This amount is exempt from tax.  Students who have traveled to Adelaide from overseas get an establishment allowance that might go up to $1485. This money helps the student with any costs that might arise out of relocation, traveling by air, etc. The student will have to provide receipts for this reimbursement.


For a student to be eligible for the scholarship, they should be from an overseas country, apart from New Zealand. They should also satisfy the various academic entry requirements of the University that are in place for a Master’s Degree by research or Doctorate by Research. These requirements include the English Proficiency levels for the international students, decided by Flinders University.
For the students who do not have English as a local or first language, evidence of their English language competence is required.  No applicants should hold any higher degree research qualification that is equivalent. Also, this scholarship is available only for those students who are pursuing a research higher degree qualification in Australia for the first time.
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