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Netball Australia is the top ruling body for the sport of netball in Australia. The organization’s asserted objectives for Australian netball are to accomplish national and worldwide accomplishment in competition, encourage greater participation and spectator engagement, and double-check excellence in all spheres of the games.

The predecessor to Netball Australia was the All Women's Basket Ball Association, founded in 1927 on the back of efforts to set up a nationwide tournament. This body was formed by netball assemblies from New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia, with Tasmania joining soon after and the Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory connecting in 1975 and 1977 respectively.

In 1970, the organization altered its title to the All Australia Netball Association, and in 1986 it converted a public company upon incorporation. Its title was altered, lastly, to Netball Australia in 1993.

Netball Australia is government in structure, with joined associations in all Australian States and continental Territories. It changed its constitution in 2006 and ruled by a Board of Directors who is elected by the State and Territory Affiliated Associations. Apart from promoting the games of netball, Netball Australia is to blame for determining directions and principles inside Australia, and organizing affray on behalf of the country.

Kate Palmer was nominated Chief boss agent of Netball Australia in October 2006. Noeleen Dix is the present leader of the Netball Australia Board.

The older Australian netball team is renowned as the precious gems, while the Australian very quick 5 netball group is renowned as the Fast5 Flyers.

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