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Travelling Australia

Travelling Australia

Aboriginal people migrated to Australia by boat from South East Asia about 40,000 years ago. During European discovery, about half million to one million people settled in Austria as hunters and gatherers. First World War affected Australia destructively. More than 60,000 people died in the war and some of them were wounded. During Second World War, Australia provided significant contribution to European countries. After the war, thousands of people migrated to Australia from Europe and Middle East.

Australia is very famous for its most attractive and unique places. Tourists from all over the globe visits Australia to enjoy the scenic beauty. Tourism industry plays a prominent role in Australia's economy. Travelers who visit the Australia will experience different climatic conditions. In Australia, winter is from June to August and summer is from December to February.

Types of Tourists

International Tourists

Travelers from different countries such as United States, Japan visits Australian most amazing places within short package. They visit Australia to see native animals such as kangaroo and koala.


Backpackers, who spend more time on traveling and stay longer than other visitors. Young people from European countries and Canada spend more time in Australia to explore new adventures and unique destinations. They visit Australia in working holidays to stay longer in the city and working holiday visas for Australia are assigned for young people (18 to 30) to enjoy holiday vacation enthusiastically.

Domestic Tourism

Travelers who explore unique adventures are considered as domestic tourists. Australia provides national parks, rivers, fishing locations and mountain retreats for domestic tourists. Domestic tourism is high in Australian school holidays.

Top Attractions in Australia

Australia offers most fascinating destinations and endless options within the budget for visitors to make their experience more memorable. Australia provides a unique travel experience for every traveler. Here you can find a list of most amazing destinations in Australia. This includes,


Sydney is considered as an iconic place in Australia. It offers beautiful and magnificent places for travelers to visit. Opera House and Darling Harbour in Sydney are considered as remarkable and landmark places. One more fascinating place in Sydney is Sydney tower, you can see complete city from the top.


Uluru is the highest rock mountain in the world which is sacred place for Aboriginal people. It is one of the amazing places in world wonders and it is worth to travel this place. Uluru is also referred as Ayers Rock.

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef is known to be a biggest coral reef in the world. You can able to see the world's rarest sea species in barrier reef which is going to be a most memorable experience for travelers.

You can even visit most amazing destinations such as Great Ocean Road, Tasmania, Kakadu National Park, Magnetic Island and more in Australia within your time span and budget. Choose your best tourist place and enjoy the vacation in Australia. Have more fun and great trip!!!!

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