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Elders Insurance Ltd

Company Name : ASX: ELD
Type : Public
Traded As : ASX: ELD
Industry : Insurance
Founded : 1839
HeadQuarters : Adelaide, Australia
Key_People : Malcolm Geoffrey Jackman, CEO
Products : personal insurance
WebSite : elders.com.au

Overview of Elders Limited

Elders Insurance limited is a famous Australian company with Agribusiness industry, while its headquarters are situated in Adelaide city of South Australia. It has branches not only in Australia but also in other countries that are New Zealand, Indonesia along with China. Presently it employed 4,000 members in their 150 branches. It provides services in real estate, home loans, agronomists, production advice, financial planning and international trading along with insurance.

History of Elders Limited

Elders insurance limited has been founded in the year 1839 in Adelaide by Alexander Lang Elder with the name as Adelaide Company. Alexander is from Scottish family who were merchants arrived to Port Adelaide in the year of 1839 and stayed till year 1853. He left to London and worked as agent to Adelaide Company till year 1884 and then established A.L. Elder Company there. Alexander’s brother Thomas stayed in Australia and in the year 1855 he founded the company Elder, Sterling & Co with partners being Edward Stirling, Robert Barr Smith along with John Taylor. While in the year 1863 two of the partners took retirement from the company and Thomas, Barr Smith continued their work. They named the company has Elder Smith & Co.

In the year 1875, Adelaide Steamship Company was formed on entry as partner with Andrew Tennant. While in the year 1888, this company combined with its subsidiary Elder’s Wool & Produce Co. Ltd and Peter Waite was made chairman of the organization. In 1982 this company had merged with Henry Jones IXL and it has become Elders IXL with an aim to be part of Australia’s Corporate Tree. In the year of 1998, Primac Holdings that is situated in Queensland has been acquired by this company. In the year 2001, Australian Agricultural Company (AACo) was suggested by this company. While in the year of 2009, Elders Insurance has been sold to QBE, at the same time it has ceased its stake in AACo. And in the same year name of Elders has been changed from Futuris Corporation to Elders Limited.

Products of Elders Limited

Products of Elders limited are as following:

  • Livestock
  • Farm Supplies
  • Wool
  • Grain

Important People in Elders Limited

Elders limited has been managed by many employees while the key people being Mr. Mark Allison CEO from May 2014, Deputy Chairman is James Jackson since April 2014 while Ian Wilton is Non-Executive Director from the year April 2014.

Policies of Elders Limited

Elders Limited works on number of policies which are helpful in its framework of corporate governance. Some of them are:

  • Share Trading
  • Communication with the market and share holders
  • Risk Management
  • Director Independence
  • Fraud Control and Reporting of Unacceptable conduct
  • Equal opportunity
  • Diversity
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Non-Audit services policy
  • Board performance assessment
  • Fitness and propriety
  • Director induction and on-going education




















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