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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

All people do not travel frequently. However, those who are frequent travelers would do well to consider investing in travel insurance. In Australia, travel insurance is not mandatory but is easily available and quite popular.

Travel Insurance Quotes

The first step towards getting travel insurance is to get a quote. This can be obtained from the internet but is also available at insurance offices, ticket counters of airlines and railways and also at travel agencies. The type of quotes will largely depend on the means of travel (rail, road, air or sea) and the distance to be travelled among several other factors.

Travel Insurance Policies in Australia

There are various types of travel insurance policies available in Australia depending on the extent of coverage required. Travel insurance is not restricted to overseas travel domestic travel insurance cover is also available for travel within the country.

Travel Insurance Companies

Here is a list of some of the premier Australian travel insurance companies:

  • American Express
  • Budget Direct
  • 1Cover Travel Insurance
  • 1st for Women Travel Insurance
  • Citibank Travel Insurance
  • Columbus Direct
  • Downunder Travel Insurance
  • Easy Travel
  • Virgin Money
  • Travel Insuranz

Travel Insurance Claim Process

Depending on the type of coverage which you have, you may have to make a claim at some given point in time. Although the claims procedure may vary from one company to another, all claims will have to be backed up with valid documentation. You can get a claim form from the insurance office or you can download it from the internet.

Travel Insurance Reviews

Reading reviews is one of the best ways to judge the performance of a company. However, care must be taken to ignore bogus reviews and take notice of only those reviews which seem to genuinely reflect some true facts about the companies being discussed.

Travel Insurance Cost

The cost factor in travel insurance in Australia is one of the most complex entities of all. The cost of an insurance policy depends on several factors. You must take into account the rebates and discounts offered which should reduce the cost but you should also be aware of hidden costs and surcharges which will increase it.

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