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Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton Relay

Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton Relay
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Commonwealth Games 2014 - Glasgow, Scotland
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Queens Baton Relay is the tradition in Commonwealth Games similar to torch relay in Olympic Games that will be earlier to the start of games. It is being followed since 1958 in Cardiff at Commonwealth games and it started travelling to all commonwealth games nations from 2006 which is being continued. This relay contains only one baton unlike Olympic Games with number of torches because as this baton contains a message in it written by Queen which has to be passed from runner to runner.

Queens Baton relay will start from Buckingham Palace in London where Queen will hand over baton to the first relay runner. After travelling through all commonwealth games nations it will be delivered to Queen or her representative by final relay runner at Opening ceremony. At commonwealth games opening ceremony Queen or her representative will be reading the message that baton contains.

Queens Baton relay for 2014 commonwealth games started on 9th October 2013 and expected to be finished by 23rd July 2014 travelling all participating commonwealth game nations about 1,90,000 km journey. 2014 Queens Baton Relay began at Buckingham Palace at a ceremony after Queen Elizabeth II placed her message in baton which symbolizes togetherness of all commonwealth nations that are taking part in four year festival of sports and culture.  Baton relay will be a curtain raiser for XX Commonwealth games that are being held in Glasgow.

Baton for Glasgow 2014 games is designed to reflect Scotland’s culture, history and innovation which is made by 4c Design Limited a Glasgow based product Design Company.  Baton weighs less than 2kg but is designed in such a way to withstand for all atmospheric conditions and modes of transport.

Queens’s message is engraved in linen and plant fiber at heart of the baton on transparent cylinder under pure titanium lattice frame work. The message is in the visual form illuminated by LED lights but is unreadable until opening ceremony. While the baton handle is made from elm wood and crafted using boatbuilding technique called as bird-mouthing.  It contains a ‘Granite’ gemstone at the top of baton which will be given to all commonwealth nations which will be released by solving a clever puzzle.

Queens Baton Relay Opening Ceremony Started Queens Baton Relay Handouts from the Queen to the Commonwealth
Queens Baton Relay Opening Ceremony Started Queens Baton Relay Handouts from the Queen to the Commonwealth