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Qantas Airlines


Founded on November 16, 1920 with an original name of Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited, the airline initially operated as air mail service and was subsidized by the government. Since it is Australia’s largest airline, Qantas Airlines is given the nickname The Flying Kangaroo.


The men behind Qantas Airlines were Paul McGinness, Hudson Fysh, Fergus McMaster and Arthur Baird. The airline started its operation with £1425 worth of aircraft, the Avro 504K. The first passenger of Qantas Airlines was Alexander Kennedy.
In 1992, the domestic carrier Australian Airline was sold to Qantas Airlines by the Australian government. For the first time, Qantas Airlines was given access to the domestic market. In 1993, Qantas Airlines was privatized. Following the law, Qantas is 51% Australian-owned, while the rest of the foreign ownership is always monitored.


Qantas Centre in the Mascot suburb of the City of Botany Bay, Sydney, New South Wales is where the headquarter of Qantas Airlines is located.


The main international hubs of Qantas Airlines are Melbourne Airport and Sydney Airport. The domestic hubs, aside from Melbourne and Sydney, include Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane airports, as well as Cairns and Canberra airports.


Qantas Airlines has a wide range of domestic and international destinations. Currently, the airline’s top ten destinations are Myanmar, Texas, Rio de Janeiro, Tasmania, Adelaide, Hawaii, Cape Town, Bogota, Iceland, and Antarctica.


Qantas Airlines consists of the following fleets:
Airbus A330-200
Airbus A380-800
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 767-300ER
Boeing 747-400ER
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