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Alliance Airlines

Alliance airlines, an air charter company that was founded in 2002 has its head-office located at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It provides “Fly-in Fly-out” services to the mining and energy industries.


Alliance airlines have started its services with just Fokker 100 and Embraer EMB 120 each of them consists of two crafts. This airline has great demand from mining as well as energy sectors, so it had expanded its fleet services. This is a unique provider of dedicated FIFO services all over the Australia. It is well known for safe services provided by its employees from and to the remote locations in Australia.


Alliance airlines have totally six hubs all over Australia. The following are the hubs:

  • Adelaide Airport in South Australia
  • Brisbane Airport in Queensland
  • Cairns Airport in Queensland
  • Essendon Airport in Victoria
  • Perth Airport in western Australia
  • Townsville Airport in Queensland


Since the start of Alliance airline services till May 2013, it has total fleet size of 33 with following aircrafts.

  • Boeing 737-400 has one fleet and can carry 148 passengers.
  • Fokker 50 has fleet of seven and each can carry 52 passengers.
  • Fokker 70LR has fleet of seven and each will be able to carry 75 passengers.
  • Fokker 100 has fleet of 18 and each can carry about 100passengers.

From the above four aircrafts only Boeing 737-400 aircraft is taken for lease from Airwork. Fokker 50, Fokker 70LR and Fokker 100 are involved in flying workers to some of largest mining projects located in Australia.


Alliance airlines have a total of 37 destinations of which six are scheduled. From these six airport bases it will operate it services to 28 mine sites located in different states of Australia according to its FIFO contracts. It is the only source which will be connecting employees, remote mining sites to the energy projects. This airline services has planned to start charter flights from 4th April 2014 between Melbourne and Ayers Rock.

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