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Road Trip in Australia - Self Drive Holidays

Australian road trip is one of the best means of exploring Australia’s magnificent scenery. Go for the challenging Self Drive Holidays in Australia.  Australian road trips would help you cover every length and landscape of the country.

Dreaming of a great coastal drive?  Many of the Australian road trips such as Pacific Coast Touring Route and Indian Ocean Drive, would take you along the spectacular coastline of Australia.

The following are the main road trip options in Australia:

  • The Pacific Coast Touring RouteSydney to Cairns on the eastern seaboard
  • The Indian Ocean Drive:  Perth to Geraldton on the western seaboard
  • The South Australia Loop: Adelaide to the Barossa Valley and Kangaroo Island
  • The Sydney to Melbourne Coastal Drive
  • Great Ocean Road: Melbourne to Adelaide
  • Take the legendary Gibb River Road to exploreWestern Australia's Kimberley, one of the finest wilderness areas on the earth.
  • The Explorers Highway: Adelaide to Darwin
  • The Red Centre Way: Alice Springs to Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park
  • The Nature's Way to Kakadu and Litchfield National Park
  • The East Coast Escape/ Circle Tasmania drives

A thorough preparation for road trip and awareness of Australia’s road rules would make your trip safe and more exciting!

Here are a few tips for your road trip! 

  • Take a valid international driving permit and driver license issued in the country you live in.
  • Drive on the left.
  • Make sure that you wear seat-belts!
  • Familiarize yourself with the road signs and road markings in Australia and obey them!
  • Do not drive above the speed limit!
  •  No drugs or alcohol while driving!
  • Do not use mobile phones while driving!
  • Take short breaks in between! Make use of rest areas available at every 80-100 kilometres.
  • Take special care when you drive along the rural and remote areas! Make sure you have enough fuel, spare tyres, tools and extra food & water.
  • Dial 000, the number for emergency services in Australia and get connected to Police or Ambulance or the Fire Brigade.
  • Go for a four-wheel drive on unsealed roads.
  • Wear a helmet if you a riding a two-wheeler.
  • Travel at a safe speed and watch out for wildlife on unfenced roads.
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