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Coastal Journeys Unlimited

Coastal Journeys Unlimited!

Dreaming of a great coastal trip? Then you should consider Australia, the perfect place that offers unlimited coastal journey options with 50,000 kms of spellbinding coastline. Nothing can beat the unique experience of taking a spectacular drive along these most scenic coastal paths on earth.  

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Here are a few coastal journey options in Australia for you!

Queensland: Queensland offers the finest coastal attractions. It hosts the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef, the pristine islands, rainforest national parks and many more. Immerse yourself in Australia’s coastal beauty!

Great Sunshine Way, Queensland: This touring route covers Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Fraser Coast and rainforests of the Gold Coast hinterland. Easy access of the Southern Great Barrier Reef is the next attraction!

The Gold Coast, Queensland: Here you have a variety of options including beaches, rainforests, restaurants, theme parks, shopping strips etc.

Pacific Coast Touring Route, Queensland, Whitsundays Sailing, Queensland, Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

  • Indian Ocean Drive, Western Australia: A drive along Western Australia’s Coral Coast is desirable. White beaches, coral reefs, salty fishing towns and rugged national parks are the major attractions along the way.
  • South-West, Beaches and Goldfields
  • Great Southern Touring Route, Victoria
  • East coast escape: Tasmania
  • Pacific Coast Touring Route, New South Wales
  • Sydney to Melbourne Coastal Drive: Enjoy the stunning coastal beauty between Australia's two biggest cities! 
  • Wilsons Promontory, Victoria
  • Broome, Western Australia
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