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Australian Holiday Ideas: Types of Holidays and Ideas to Implement

Have a look at the amazing unique holiday options Australia hosts and feel inspired to plan your own itineraries for an Australian holiday trip! 

Australia is a unique destination for anyone who dreams of an escape from the exhausting hustle-bustle of the city life! It has everything that we look for, starting from nature to adventure, art and culture, food, wine etc. Every nook and corner of the country is amazing. With thorough planning you can cover at least a few must-see destinations in a week. If you don’t have many days to spare, you can consider a short break to the iconic destinations in Australia.

It’s quite possible and you can choose the type of holidays you want to spend in Australia too.  Choose from the variety of tour options Australia hosts. The variety options range from coastal journeys and outback adventures to nature walks through the natural and cultural heritages, family fun or food and wine, regional events etc. Get connected to Expedia.com.au, which offers short holiday deals to a wide range of beautiful destinations in and around the major cities in Australia. Their itinerary covers Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

You can also consider a trip to experience the thrill of outback journeys in Australia.

Australian road trip is one of the best ways to explore the diverse and magnificent beauty of Australia.

Australia qualifies itself as the best destination to explore the wetlands and wildlife, with 15 world heritage- listed wonders and 550 national parks.

Australia is the perfect place that hosts unbeatable coastal journey experience. Explore the 50,000 kms of most scenic coastal paths on earth. 

Adventure and nature lovers can choose from the following options- Arkaba Walk- South Australia, Bay of Fires Lodge Walk- Tasmania, Cradle Mountain Huts Walk- Tasmania, Freycinet Experience Walk- Tasmania, Great Ocean Walk- Victoria, Larapinta Trail walk- Northern Territory, Maria Island Walk- Tasmania. Australian Walking Holidays, one of the world’s most experienced trekking and adventure operators would be the best option for Adventure travelers. Wide range of iconic walking and trekking adventures including the seven Great walks of Australia are their speciality.   

If your trip has an educational focus, go for Road Scholar Program. Expert instructors of Road scholar program who are lifelong learners themselves would engage you. Just join them; they would take care of all aspects of the trip you anticipate!

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