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List of Lakes in Australia

List of Lakes in Australia

Lake is an erratically closing and opening lagoon. It is exposed to the sea irregularly. Most of the Lake bed is floating above mean sea level.

Natural Cycle

The Lake has a natural cycle, with dangerous deviations in water levels, salinity, oxygen points, explosion and crashed growth of sea grass and algae as a effect of weather circumstances and lake starts/ ends.

Condition and Sensitivity

Lake is closing pristine. It is possibly exposed to urban effluence, nutrient overflow from established regions. Nutrients become stuck in the deposits because the entering is closed most of the period. As the Lake is floating above mean sea level, it is not flushed by the sea.

Diverse Ecology

Lake and its catchment maintenance is extra-ordinary with various aquatic and terrestrial linkages. The sea tassel Rupiah and numerous algae species overlook the aquatic environmentalism. It is bounded by eight largely uninterrupted SEPP 14 swamplands, as well as coastal bush land and hill.

Birdlife Significance

Lake is nationwide and worldwide significance as a place for travelling and original birds. It is recognized above universal migratory bird contracts. It is an effective breeding location for the vanishing Slight Tern.

Wetland Significance

Lake is recorded in the Calendar of Wetlands of Countrywide Significance and the Register of the Nationwide Estate. It chances the standards for listing as a wetland of international implication for wading birds, under the Ramsar Resolution.

Threatened Species

Lake affords critical environment for exposed bird species. An extra endangered species of fauna, including the Green and Golden Bell Frog etc.

Aboriginal Significance

Lake and surroundings are of exceptional traditional significance to the Jerrinja public at nearby Orient Point.

Tourism and Recreation

Lake has potential for environment tourism and is standard with local persons and travelers, who relish its peacetime, calmness and the occasions for walking, bird watching, canoeing, swimming, boating, wind surfing, fishing and prawning, depending on the water level.

Coastal Lakes and Lagoons

Lake name State/territory
Lake Alexandrina South Australia
Avoca Lake New South Wales
Blue Lake Queensland
Brown Lake Queensland
Lake Broadwater Queensland
Budgewoi Lake New South Wales
Lake Como Queensland
Lake Cooloola Queensland
Lake Cooroibah Queensland
Lake Cootharaba Queensland
Lake Bonney South Australia
Dee Why Lagoon New South Wales
Gippsland Lakes Victoria
Glenrock Lagoon New South Wales
Lake Illawarra New South Wales
Mallacoota Inlet Victoria
Lake Macquarie New South Wales
Lake Munmorah New South Wales
Myall Lakes New South Wales
Narrabeen Lagoon New South Wales
Orielton Lagoon Tasmania
Smiths Lake New South Wales
St Georges Basin New South Wales and the Jervis Bay Territory
Tabourie Lake New South Wales
Terrigal Lagoon New South Wales
Tuggerah Lake New South Wales
Lake Victoria Victoria
Wallis Lake New South Wales
Wamberal Lagoon New South Wales
Lake Weyba Queensland
Lake Wollumboola New South Wales
Wonboyn Lake New South Wales

Perched Lakes

Lake name State/territory
Lake McKenzie Queensland
Lake Wobby Queensland

Freshwater Lakes

Lake name State/territory
Lake Awoonga Queensland
Lake Bathurst New South Wales
Lake Batyo Catyo Victoria
Blue Lake New South Wales
Boobera Lagoon Queensland
Lake Bonney (Riverland) South Australia
Lake Bryde-East Lake Bryde Western Australia
Corella Lake Northern Territory
Lake Cowal New South Wales
Dove Lake Tasmania
Lake Dunn Queensland
Lake Elphinstone Queensland
Lake George New South Wales
Glenbrook Lagoon New South Wales
Lake Hindmarsh South Australia
Lake Magenta Western Australia
Lake Miranda South Australia
Menindee Lakes New South Wales
Narran Lakes New South Wales
Lake Nuga Nuga Queensland
Tarrabool Lake Northern Territory
Lake Sylvester Northern Territory
Lake St Clair Tasmania
Wallaga Lake New South Wales
Lake Woytchugga New South Wales

Glacial Lakes

Lake name State/territory
Blue Lake New South Wales
Club Lake Australian Antarctic Territory
Headley Tarn New South Wales
Lake Albina New South Wales
Lake Cootapatamba New South Wales
Lake Selina Tasmania

Salt Lakes

Lake name State/territory
Lake Amadeus Northern Territory
Lake Barlee Western Australia
Lake Buchanan Queensland
Lake Cadibarrawirracanna South Australia
Lake Carey Western Australia
Lake Disappointment Western Australia
Dumbleyung Lake Western Australia
Lake Dundas Western Australia
Lake Eyre South Australia
Lake Frome South Australia
Lake Gairdner South Australia
Lake Galilee Queensland
Lake Gregory South Australia
Goyder Lagoon South Australia
Hutt Lagoon Western Australia
Lake Hart South Australia
Island Lake Western Australia
Lake Lefroy Western Australia
Murtnaghurt Lagoon Victoria
Lake Mungo New South Wales
Lake Torrens South Australia
Lake Urana New South Wales
Willandra Lakes New South Wales
Lake Yamma Yamma Queensland

Volcanic Lakes

Lake name State/territory
Blue Lake South Australia
Lake Barrine Queensland
Lake Eacham Queensland
Little Blue Lake South Australia
Lake Euramoo Queensland
Valley Lake South Australia
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