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Truck Driving Knowledge Test

Aiming to drive a big truck? The Commercial Driver’s License test will give you the license to drive one. Apart from the CDL test, you need to be at least 18 years of age and should pass a physical exam. To pass a truck driving knowledge test, it is important to know the DKT rules and general knowledge relative to driving your truck.

General knowledge: This portion of the exam covers a lot of knowledge and information of roads and trucks from gear coordination, accelerator, clutches and other controls. There will also be a practical driving test. This tests your knowledge, abilities and instincts in driving the truck.


Truck Driving Knowledge Test
Roads and Traffic Signs

: There are a lot of reasons why damage to life and property is attributed to truck driving. One reason is meeting deadlines in terms of delivery and the high competition among companies. But knowing the rules pertinent to truck driving will minimize accidents. The following are the areas every truck driver should fully know and understand to pass the test:


Intersections: Know your traffic signs; when to give way; understand vehicle movements and intersection positions.

Lanes: Learn how to use the lanes correctly, merging and giving way rules and the different kinds of lanes.

Pedestrians and Traffic Signs: The rules on traffic, knowing the meaning of road signs and road information.

Alcohol and Drugs: Rules and limits on the use of alcohol, medication and drugs.

Fatigue and Defensive Driving: This deals with areas on alertness, driving defensively and taking extra care when fatigued.

Negligent Driving: Negligent driving covers rules and regulations to avoid damage and accidents due to negligence.

Others areas to cover ensure a passing rate in your test for license to drive a car includes knowledge on load restraints, seat belts, speed limits for each particular type of road or lane. Practice tests and practice driving will give you a great chance of passing the exam.

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