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Hurdling Australias DKT Test

The DKT test aims to free the roads, highways and by-ways of vehicular accidents. It puts to test the driver’s general knowledge on road safety, traffic signs, driving behavior, intersections and all other areas relative to driving in Australia.

Fees and Eligibility

The test is computer generated consisting of 45 questions which are randomly picked by the computer from a data bank. Fees are collected every time you take the test and to be eligible for the test, the test taker must be 16 years old.


To book a DKT test, visit any motor registry or book online. Online booking comes with ease and helps drivers prepare for the test. However, there are limitations to online booking like drivers with special needs and disabilities. These limitations are handled by the registry.

The Registry

The Registry, aside from booking and conducting the DKT tests, assists test takers with special concerns. Disabled, aged and deaf drivers are given special attention by the registry staff. Before taking the test, these concerns should be discussed with the registry manager.

Comprehension of the questions might be a problem to drivers who do not speak English. The registry staff can interpret or explain the questions to the test taker.


In preparation for the DKT test, it is important for the driver to know by heart the Road User’s Handbook. This handbook explains in simple terms the laws on driving rules and other information pertinent to safe driving. The handbook is available on stores or could be brought online.

The Question Bank is also a great help when it comes to DKT test preparation. This is a compilation of questions relative to the test and which could be downloaded.

License Classes

License Classes also play an important role in passing the DKT test. Online classes ensure drivers to have a firm and solid knowledge on Australia’s road signs, rules and marks. This gives the learner an edge in taking the DKT exam. License classes gives practice test questions formatted in the same structure as the actual DKT test.

The DKT test is more than just getting a license. It means safer roads and lesser vehicular traffic and accident. Get prepared; know the roads and the rules by heart.

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