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Basics of the Driving Knowledge Test

The Driving Knowledge Test is the very first step to getting a driver’s license.

So, what are the basic things a driver should know relative to a DKT test?

The General Knowledge

Every driver is expected to know the simple, practical and theoretical aspects of driving.

Roads and Traffic Signs

Turns, roundabouts, intersections and traffic signs among others are the basic yet important elements of driving.

Intersections: Intersections pose a grave threat to road users when these are taken for granted. It puts to test the alertness and instinct reactions to possible situations when approaching an intersection with or without a sign; the driver’s knowledge on approaching a railway, boom gates, and turning at T-intersections.

Driving Knowledge Test

Lanes: Whether it is a free-way, two-way road or a narrow road, drivers need to know when to change lanes and merge with the traffic and other theoretical and practical issues relative to free flow of traffic and road safety. It is also of paramount importance to know what to do with the approach of emergency sirens.

Pedestrians and Traffic Signs: Pedestrians are the most important when it comes to road safety. Relative to the safety of the pedestrians and the driver, are traffic signs which every driver must know. Driving in school zones and restricted areas follow certain rules which a driver should adhere to.

Alcohol and Drugs: The use of alcohol and drugs while driving is regulated by law. There are many alcohol and drug related vehicular accidents. It is for this reason that drivers are required by law to be more responsible and maintain self-discipline. Alcohol, drugs and driving don’t mix.

Fatigue and Defensive Driving: Fatigue and lack of sleep sometimes cause vehicular accidents. Defensive driving is taking into consideration the safety of the driver and the pedestrian during certain situations like sudden stops and overtaking.

Negligent driving: Negligent is more on the safety and protection of the driver, pedestrian and properties while driving.

Knowing the basics of DKT will not only give you a license but will ensure roads free of traffic jams and vehicular accidents.

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