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Driving Knowledge Free Online Test - Exam 7

Date :  24 / 06 / 2024
You are going to turn right from a one-way street. Where should you be when you start your turn? 150.png

Double unbroken dividing lines are marked on a roadway. You may -

Looking at the diagram,which vehicle must give way? 152.png

In which of the situations shown are you permitted to do a U-turn? 153.png

You want to turn left at this intersection. There is an edge line that continues through the intersection. Are you permitted to turn here? 154.png

When the road is marked this way are you permitted to cross the lines and overtake? 155.png

When starting to overtake you see the dividing lines ahead change to double unbroken lines. What should you do? 156.png

Which movements shown in the diagram can legally be made by the driver of the purple car? 157.png

When driving in traffic 7 (as shown in the diagram), you may change your lane - 158.png

You must use your indicator lights when -

A section of road is marked with double unbroken dividing lines as in the diagram. When is a vehicle allowed to cross these lines? 160.png

When two 7 merge into one (as shown in the diagram), who should give way? 149.png

The traffic on the other side of this intersection has stopped. You are in the car shown and want to cross the intersection. The lights are green. What should you do? iq51.png

You are in car marked A. You wish to overtake car marked B. You should - 148.png

You wish to go straight ahead on this roundabout with two 7. Which lane may you use? iq52.png

The red car wants to turn right and exit the roundabout in the street indicated by an arrow. Is the car positioned in the correct lane to do this? iq50.png

In this diagram both vehicles O and P must pass through GIVE WAY signs before entering the intersection -

You are at a busy intersection with slow moving traffic and want to go straight ahead. When the 13 change to green you should make sure that - iq48.png

When approaching a railway level crossing displaying this sign, you must - iq46.png

You drive up to an intersection with a stop sign in the car marked A and you wish to turn right. The car marked B facing you also has a stop sign and is indicating to turn left. Who can go first? iq47.png

Minumum pass for the test is 75%
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