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Driving Knowledge Free Online Test - Exam 5

Date :  25 / 07 / 2024
Always drive in the right hand lane so you can be away from 9.

If elderly people or children are on a pedestrian crossing you will probably need to -

This person is standing on a pedestrian refuge. If he steps out onto your lane you should - 96.png

How should you overtake a pedal cyclist? 143.png

If you are convicted of driving with a blood alcohol level that is over the limit for your licence, you could lose your driver?s licence. You may also -

You are approaching a hill or curve. You must not cross the centre line if you cannot see clear road ahead for -

What is this driver doing that is negligent and illegal? 135.png

You are driving behind a long vehicle (as shown) which has a sign saying DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE. The long vehicle indicates that it is going to turn left. You - 136.png

If an overtaking vehicle signals that it must move in, in front of you, you should - 126.png

You are in the purple vehicle, you may overtake the vehicle in front - 141.png

When overtaking another vehicle you should NOT move back in front of it, unless -

The speed limit on this road is 90 km/h. You have just overtaken a vehicle in the left lane. What should you do next? 140.png

The first thing you should do before overtaking is -

When being overtaken by another vehicle what should you do to help?

If you are convicted of dangerous driving -

If the police suspect you may have been involved in street or drag racing, they may take immediate action. Which one of the following is correct? The police may -

Another vehicle is overtaking you on your right. You commit a traffic offence if you -

If you are not sure you have enough distance to overtake a vehicle ahead, you should

You are travelling in the left lane and wish to turn right at the intersection. You move to the right lane and a driver behind sounds their horn at you. What have you done wrong? 131.png

You are approaching the crest (top of a hill) on a narrow road, the safest procedure is to -

Minumum pass for the test is 75%
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