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Driving Knowledge Free Online Test - Exam 14

Date :  14 / 04 / 2024
When you come across roadworks - q44.png

Where there are double dividing lines, you may park - q45.png

You should not drive across a railway level crossing when -

You hold an unrestricted licence and are driving at 100 km/h in the country and pass this sign. What should you do? q47.png

You want to leave your automatic car parked on a street sloping uphill. You should - q43.png

You are driving along this road. You hear an ambulance's siren and see the ambulance in your mirror. You should - q40.png

You are driving in a 60 km/h zone, with only one lane for traffic in your direction. You see a bus ahead signalling its intention to pull out from a bus stop, you should - q41.png

To drive safely, you need to concentrate and be able to monitor everything that is happening on the road. To do this, you need to -

Your car registration expires today. You have your car inspected for registration renewal but it fails the inspection. What should you do?

If you are involved in an accident where your vehicle needs to be towed away and the Police does not attend the crash scene, you -

Do you have any responsibilities when opening a vehicle door on a roadway?

If you see a horse and rider on the road what should you do?

If there are no signs or markings to advise you, can you choose any of these methods of parking? q36.png

You see a broken yellow line painted on the roadway adjacent to the kerb. What does it mean?

A friend lends you a van that has seats for ten passengers. What type of licence do you need to drive this type of vehicle?

You are driving your vehicle along a street and want to stop for a short time. Are you allowed to double park your vehicle (that is stand it on the road alongside a parked car)? q33.png

Which side mirror is adjusted best? q30.png

Can a P1 or P2 provisional driver legally instruct a learner driver?

Bicycle and motorcycle riders have the same rights to use the road as other motor vehicle drivers. They are however, more at risk in traffic because -

When can a private car travel in a lane marked by this sign? q28.png

Minumum pass for the test is 75%
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