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Driving Knowledge Free Online Test - Exam 10

Date :  13 / 04 / 2024
At the T-intersection shown in the diagram which vehicle should give way? iq9.png

You drive up to an intersection with a stop sign. There is no painted stop line. Where should you stop? iq10.png

It is important to scan while driving so you can see everything that is happening on the road. What does scanning involve?

If you are a new driver and first start to drive at night you should - fq23.png

Many people crash within the first few years of driving. What is the best way of learning to drive on your own without crashing?

When you come to an intersection and the road beyond is choked with vehicles going in the same direction, what should you do? iq3.png

You wish to make a right-hand turn from a ONE WAY STREET with no arrows marked on the roadway. You should position your vehicle -

You are in car A and want to turn right at this intersection. Car B facing you is also indicating to turn right. What path should you take? iq2.png

8 When it is very foggy during the day or night and your vehicle has no fog lights, you should -

You are about to move away from the kerb in your car. What is the last thing you should do before you move into traffic? fq16.png

When driving on a slippery wet road, for example, one covered in early morning dew, your vehicle will -

What is the best way to avoid hitting other vehicles, people or animals when moving off from the kerb?

You should leave a gap between your vehicle and the one you are following. In good conditions the gap should be - fq19.png

You are driving an older relative for an appointment and are running late. They ask you to go faster to get there on time. You should -

If you are driving and it starts to rain, you should -

You are planning to drive from Sydney to the Gold Coast with some friends. To minimise fatigue and make the trip as safe as possible you should -

In wet weather when it becomes hard for you to see, you should -

Why should you avoid heavy braking on a wet road?

It is night time and you are driving home from the movies. You are travelling in a line of vehicles. What size gap should you leave between your vehicle and the vehicles in front of you?

If you get sleepy while driving, out of the following, which is it best to do?

Minumum pass for the test is 75%
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