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RASV awards

RASV awards
The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) is a member based organization that commemorates agriculture through grand episodes that unite industry with consumers. The goal of RASV is to ameliorate the quality and manifold the production boom in Australia.


The Royal Melbourne Wine Show was the first show conducted by RASV in 1884. The small step initiated with only thirteen entries have taken a giant leap of some 3,200 entries for the 2011 Show, still brewing each day. With the transit of clock, the RASV has successfully conquered the Royal Melbourne Wine Show.


A total of 77 Classes competing for a total of 22 trophies including:
Best Sparkling Wine, Best Riesling, Best Chardonnay, Best Sauvignon Blanc, Best Semillon, Best Single Varietal White, Best White Blend, Best Rose, Best Pinot Noir, Best Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Best Grenache or Rhone Varietal Blend, Best Shiraz, Best Red Blend, Best Single Varietal Red, Best Cabernet Sauvignon Blend, Best Sweet White Wine, Best Mature Wine, and Best Fortified.
The Chairman has the power to adjudicate the final awards, the august jury comprising three judges and two associates.


Certain pre-requisites can be grasped by scrutinizing the Entry Booklet. A valid email address i.e. RASV Id, along with crucial documentation like registration papers, birth certificates and DC verification forms are mandatory. Solitary entry of a wine with maximum three entries per class per exhibitor and contestants need to certify that the products entered in the race are available for commercial use. Contestants have to certify their registered Australian Business Number (ABN).All the participants must have minimum held stock quantities of each entered wine.

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